project shade

Authored by shadeultimate1

shadow went back to MOBUIS using chaos control wen boom bang boom HOOO shout DR EGGMAN EVILY

sonic was going very dark angry the crazy doc add shout tails in the chest with his ray gun KNUCKES hold tails he all so add been hit

not as bad as tails cream cry hugging her mom AMY was dead saving cream shadow look on in shock and in aww of sonic changing

from blue to black with orange DR EGGMAN was no were to be seen once sonic was done changing into his new permeant form

using his heling power KNUCKELS heled tails who now was rub his eyes thanks bro n KUNX tails said before looking very

shock his adoptive brother add change sonic was still sonic yet he look like shadow a little

after what happen they went to tails work shop were they found shadow with shade