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Jane Rizzoli spotted a man step out of a taxi and nearly walk into a woman rolling a baby carriage.
The man caught her staring so she turned away.

"Jane?" asked Maura, jarring her out of thoughts.
"Wha-? oh, sorry, Maura, I was thinking."
"About that cute man who stepped out of the cab?"
"No! And don't আপনি think, Maura, that after your LAST boyfriend, you'd be a bit আরো careful about who আপনি think is cute? What does he have in TWO suitcases? Severed body parts?"
" Ha! I'm careful!"
"Like আপনি were careful about the psycho who gave আপনি a severed hand encased in plaster?"
"Good point."
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যেভাবে খুশী Moments
1. Don’t Go *Future*
“Don’t go.”
Chip turned and saw his best friend Davy staring at him with a pleading look in his eyes. Chip winced under the stare.
Davy continued to stare at him. “I know আপনি want to go, I know, and…I understand…”
Chip gave Davy a funny look.
Davy tried to think of something quick to not seem like a baby. “And I uh, um…Well, you’ll come back, I guess…So…” Davy put out his paw to shake Chip’s wing. “Bye…”
Chip stared at Davy’s outstretched paw. “Dude, আপনি think I’m going to migrate?”
“Um, well uh…”
“And a handshake...
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posted by reidswifes234
chapter 1: meeting the team

hey everyone my name is reidswife and i have a new story for আপনি all!!! so i hope আপনি enjoy it.^^

disclaimer: i don't and i quote own penguins of Madagascar..........

somewhere far deep in the artic lived four female নেকড়ে these female নেকড়ে wearn't just any
other নেকড়ে that আপনি might happen to ক্রুশ no. there commando wolves! and they didacated their lives to protect any জন্তু জানোয়ার in need but today what they needed was shelter for a freak storm was fast aprouching. " KOWALSKA!' shouted the teams blond নেকড়ে named Juarez '' when do আপনি think we will find cave! kowalska...
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Lexii stepped out of her room. She had gotten a new look just like Dr Blowhole had wanted. She thought she looked OK; she even thought she was pretty. She reached up and ran her paw across her bangs, which covered half her left eye and had a baby blue highlight in the middle. She thought it looked to flashy. She even kind of wanted to go dye it back to just plain white like before. She shook her head. This was part of her mission which she had chosen to except. She walked out of the hall and into the main room.

Dr Blowhole spotted Lexii in the vast room. She hadn't seen him yet. She was beautiful....
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posted by CuteCuddly
Risky mission; Life অথবা Death; Many go in, few return. CC and Private, the last two of a team of many. From burning deserts, to thick jungles, they travelled to find their way home. Hunger and thirst eat at them, telling them they cannot make it, but they will!

Now, they travel form বৃক্ষ to tree, swinging on vines, through the greeness. CC would normally enjoy an adventure like this, but her energy was আরো than gone, and her spirit of adventure had dwindled long ago.
"No more!" CC cired, leaning against the ট্রাঙ্ক of a tall tree, and sitting on the branch. "I can't..."
"You have to!" Private gasped,...
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posted by 67Dodge
A belated pang followed a bright flash, and another right after, and two more, three, until the Glock had emptied its magazine, and a sharp click to purge the barrel of any remaining casings. The one behind the Glock stood with bemusement, shrugging his কোট in disapproval.

"Excellent aim my lord," a well-dressed পেংগুইন responded. 

"Aim?" the coated পেংগুইন replied with soft depression in his brown eyes, glaring back at the black cutout target with only five of the seven bullets actually embedded into the head. 

"Aim, five out of seven, আপনি hit your mark roughly seventy percent of the time,"...
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posted by Rico4ever16
"Keep Holding on"
You're not alone, together we stand, I'll be দ্বারা your side, আপনি know I'll take your hand, When it gets cold and it feels like the end, There's no place to go, আপনি know I won't give in, No, I won't give in, Keep holding on, 'Cause আপনি know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, Just stay strong, 'Cause আপনি know I'm here for you, I'm here for you, There's nothing আপনি could say, nothing আপনি could do, There's no other way when it comes to the truth, So keep holding on, 'Cause আপনি know we'll make it through, we'll make it through, So far away, I wish আপনি were here, Before...
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posted by 67Dodge
Saint Michael's Catholic Church was a cathedral, one of the three most renowned churches in all of Fort Grumley, it is adorned with a tall ঘণ্টা tower, flying buttresses, stained glass depicting every section of the bible, and an underground crypt, where each bishop from centuries' past were entombed. The Imperial government wasn't at all interested in the church, as Richard was a total atheist, as are the Imperial Court and almost 25% of Antarctica's populace. Though none of that mattered, as Hannah, Kowalski, Skipper, Rico, and Private were getting ready to enter the sanctified building of...
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posted by 67Dodge
"K.D... Lilly, do আপনি have anything on what that may mean?" asked Hannah. 

"Kathryn Dalton?" asked Lilly. 

"No criminal record," replied Skipper. 

"What if it's not an actual name, what if it's a nickname?" asked Private. 

"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!! There's gotta be a real name!" shouted Skipper, slapping Private. 

"Wait a minute, K.D..." ব্যক্ত Lilly softly, typing on her computer's খুঁজুন engine the words: Bullet, Silver, and Antarctica. 

A few মিনিট transpired between searching for James Bond films, and research labs, to one website in page four of the results: "Ft. Grumley...
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posted by Sylvia_Puffin
'Kay, this is just some story I wrote 'cause I was bored. If a lot of people like it, I'll post more. It not a lot of people like it, then I won't post more.
Please tell me what আপনি think. In a nice way, though. No mean comments, please. If আপনি have a problem with it, just say it in a nice way. If আপনি have a way I could fix it, tell me so I can make it better.
Anyway, here it is! Hope y'all like it.
Oh, just so আপনি know, it's from Blake's point of view.

I have a huge secret.
I guess everyone has a secret. For some people,...
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posted by Veki-san
—I see, আপনি like to play rough, don´t you? —she ব্যক্ত with a sinister voice while Rico began to run toward her. —So, let´s play! —she ব্যক্ত while she took the three knifes and she started to make juggling with them, that stopped the penguin, who looked surprised and a little confuse the actions for the female lemur, but suddenly she threw the three knives to him, Rico immediately crouch, when he did that Katherine jumped over the পেংগুইন and stood behind him.

—And that confirms that she really came from a circus…—Kowalski whispered almost breathless, while Rico turned around to...
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kowalski nervously approached the tabby cat. "hey, abial?" he asked, cautously. "you can call me abby," she said, smiling sweetly. "okay, abby, could আপনি help me?" he asked, obviously trying to sound casual. "why sure. with what?" kowalski motioned for her to follow him, and he led her outside to the hanging tree.

"thats it, thats it, follow the science guy," skipper sad to himself, watching from the শীর্ষ of the steps as abigail followed kowalski.

kowalski led abigail outside, and stopped he দ্বারা the big hanging tree, on which, the noose was now visible to all. "see that rope?" kowalski asked,...
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posted by 67Dodge
Hannah swiftly followed the path Kowalski took, recognizing every building, scanning over each রাস্তা sign and number, still in the correct direction. She stopped short of a crosswalk, catching her breath and wiping her forehead. 

"Good god, if I can't get to Private, oh my god... I can't ভালুক seeing him in.. So much pain.." Hannah's maternal instinct spiked within her heart, as it blasted to the speed of sound, giving her a renewed strength. 

Hannah raced past bystanders, not giving a care in the world about how rude it was, since her শীর্ষ priority at the moment is finding her de-facto son...
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posted by kowalskirocks14
Truth in lies 5.1
"Eurika! It's done!" kowalski burst out the lab with a small box in hand. Attached to the box was a long string with a শিরস্ত্রাণ on the end.
"skipper?" e called.
"skipper, rico, private where are আপনি guys?" 
আরো silence.
Kowalski ran to Marlene's place.
"Marlene have আপনি seen skipper?" kowalski panted as he chocked out his words.
"yeah, I saw them being carried off দ্বারা some big animals." she answered.
"and amber?" 
"I last saw her with that new guy. I dot know what happened to her-" 
Kowalski left before she could finish the sentance.

Kowalski searched the entire park, the whole city, and just about all of manhattan.

He searched via radio waves, radar, Nd a lot of other things.

Still nothing. 
He worried for hours.
Until he realized exactly what happened, and who done it.

posted by beastialmoon
The Penguins of Madagascar. It's the টেলিভিশন প্রদর্শনী under which we are bannered as one, and it is slowly becoming a memory. Even with those few episodes left to air, the Final Season is pretty much over. So where does that leave us?

I've been a part of this club since April of 2010. For an entire বছর I was on forums, chatting and laughing with the rest of you. I gradually grew out of it, and found myself visiting this site less and less, to the point where it had been months since I had been here.

Last night, my brothers took out an official Penguins DVD I had bought years ago. As I laughed...
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Skipper soon woke up, seeing the Antarctic coast overhead, he sighed, got up, and looked around, everyone was asleep, but he wanted to take in everything that happened. One: His beloved zoo is probably now just a pile of splintered wood and broken glass. Two: His বন্ধু at the zoo, except Marlene, are all either dead অথবা infected. Three: Rico had been killed to save himself and his team. And four: Now he's moving to a country that is not democratic, only imperial. He had thought on the new বন্ধু he made, Kat, Seth, Icicle, and Angel, who had been lost. Now he's moving to a new life, with...
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Blackbird and the চেরি Tree


„Blowhole!“ Skipper growled.
„Yes, me“ the শুশুক responded. „Surprised to meet me here, Skipper?“
„Well, actually not. Since we got this message from আপনি that you’re hiding around this wasteland and we came here দ্বারা air at once, I can’t say I’m surprised to see আপনি here, no.”
“Oh” Blowhole made. There was a moment of silence.
The four penguins stood in the middle of metallic garbage and rusty cars, eye in eye with their nemesis Dr. Blowhole. They had been surrounded দ্বারা about fifty গলদা চিংড়ি warriors and the evil শুশুক had just shown...
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posted by 67Dodge
"Your Identification please, mister Barker," the female on the counter commanded. 

Damion reached into a pocket in his leather জ্যাকেট for a plastic ID card, setting it gently on the desk. 


Damion sighed, getting several rolls of paper. 

The lady at the counter took a look at each and every form set on her desk, scanning the bar codes and typing away at her keyboard with scrutiny. She first looked at the ID card, the black text পাঠ করা "Todd Barker", and a non-smiling face stared back at her. She looked at the certifications as well. Her plump figure was clad in all black, with...
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P4:Stop! Na na na! You'd better save it!
Stop, stop, stop, you'd better save it!

Private: When we played tag in grade school
You wanted to be It.
But chasing boys was just a fad
You crossed your হৃদয় you'd quit.

When we grew up আপনি traded
Your promise for my ring
Now just like back to grade school
You're doing the same old thing!

Stop! The প্রণয় আপনি save may be your own!
Darling, take it slow
Or some দিন you'll be all alone.
You'd better stop the প্রণয় আপনি save may be your own!
Darling, look both ways before আপনি ক্রুশ me
You're headed for the danger zone.

I'm the one who loves you!
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posted by _Lexii23_
Ok so I was পাঠ করা over the পরিলেখ I পোষ্ট হয়েছে when I first came on here and I sounded like a Mary-Sue. So I decided to update it now since I grew up a little bit!! XD

Name: Lexii

Gender: female

Age: 23 (irl I'm 14)

Birthday: April 23rd

Description: a pure white ring-tailed লেমুর with gray paws and nose. Straight bangs that go across the left side of my face and cover half of my eye, baby blue streak down the middle, never cut evenly at the end. Blue eyes (same color as the streak in my hair) with long eyelashes. Big-ish ears. A long tail with about 7 light grey stripes. Fluffy, feminine figured...
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