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LATIN LYRICS (as sung দ্বারা Aundrea Hopkins)

Deus dormit
Et liberi ignem faciunt
Numquam extint
Ne expergisci possit.
Omnia dividit
Tragedia aram
Amandum quae
Et nocte perpetua
E hem desperationem
Pavor omnivere potest
Manes tempus expergiscendi.


God sleeps
And children light a flame:
He never dies,
Nor He can be awoken.
(This) tragedy destroys,
In front of them,
Every beloved thing.
(look!) after despair
And the everlasting night
He can see the dawn
There is (still) time to awake.

Thanks to the editors of the Final ফ্যান্টাসি Wiki page link.
I will তালিকা basic key information, such as characters, location, plot points, etc.. This should keep everyone up to speed on what is actually going on storywise. This is about the characters! Check often, because I am always updating with new info/fixing old info.

I'll probably write in their gameplay styles later because Tabata has been slightly confusing in saying what the new system is like. In the process of finding hi-res non-silver background প্রতিমূর্তি of the people I can, because those shots only have parts of peoples faces, which isn't helpful (Oct 23).


 From left to right: Prompto, Gladiolus, Noctis, Ignis, and Cor.
From left to right:...
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This is a তালিকা of all story-significant locations revealed so far.

Photos will be placed later, though some places so far have not been seen, only mentioned (Oct 23).

It should be noted first that the crystal once owned দ্বারা countries appear to be what allowed each country to advance culturally and technologically. Only Lucis still owns their crystal, so while Lucis has technology analoguous to ours, other countries without crystals, like Accordo, seem to resemble real-world times of past centuries.


 Note that it's been years since the Lucis skyline was seen, it may have changed.
Note that it's been years since the Lucis skyline was seen, it...
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For lack of a better শিরোনাম (for now). These are just small but useful informational notes about the games, from different sources.

From link:

※ আপনি can eat and gather information at gas stations
※ If আপনি can see something in the background আপনি can go to it
※ Depending on the shape of the ground Noct and বন্ধু walking animations will change
※ If আপনি keep running আপনি can see your বন্ধু tire and try to catch their breath
※ আপনি can মাছ in streams, rivers, and the ocean!
※ আপনি can fight the wildlife. As they are always active, be careful as they will attack if আপনি get close
※ There are...
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