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They started like a lot of teen couples on TV shows do: he is cute and popular, she is far from being on the শীর্ষ of the খাবার chain; plus, he is dating the head cheerleader who is much prettier than our young ingénue. That and some cute duets and great chemistry, created a অনুরাগী base that would sit every week waiting for them to finally get together. I can understand that, they were downright adorable.
So season 2 came, and all the couple’s অনুরাগী were probably wondering how this epic romance would play out, especially considering the characters contrasting personalities.
Personally, I think the...
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1.    Finn is the hot male lead and Rachel is the stunning female ingénue that everyone roots for (according to Rachel)

2. They sing beautifully together

3. They make the cutest couple

4. Rachel loves Finn for who he is

5. Ratings will hit the roof!

6. Their social statuses are different, so they like each other for who they are, not what the school thinks of them

7. Look at Finn's face during the girls Mash-up, he was definitely looking at Rachel

8. Their voices blend and harmonize well together

9.They sing "no air" as well as if not better than Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown

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