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 Vote For Flo-Rida - Low for এমটিভি Best Video
Vote For Flo-Rida - Low for MTV Best Video
Flo-Rida has been nominated দ্বারা MTV's!!!!

As আপনি know, hip hop artist, Flo-Rida is riding a wave of success following following his hugely successful hit, "Low" featuring T-Pain.

Since then he's worked with the likes of Timbaland, আকন & Australia's very own Jessica Mauboy.

Vodafone's MTVA 2009 Awards are proud to nominate Flo-Rida's "Low" for Best Video.

Support Flo-Rida & vote for him!!!!!!!!! link

This year's এমটিভি Awards are happening in Darling Harbour, Sydney 27th March 09.

আপনি gotta admit, this song is freakin hot =D
Everyone was bumpin it in their cars on the streets way before it even hit the সংগঠন & radio stations!!!!

If you've caught yourself shakin your booty অথবা singin the lyrics "apple bottom jeans, boots with the fuuurr" it should be আপনি having your say & voting away!!!
After his সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান in the markee in cork on the 24th of june 2009 he was seemed to be very happy leaving and ব্যক্ত the পরবর্তি দিন on the radio that he is defiantly going to come back to cork so watch for those tickets. But as for today (26th june 2009)he will be preforming in our capitol... Dublin.
As for the a couple of days পূর্বে in the markee he started his preformance at around 10pm and played for around a ঘন্টা (it seemed way shorter because of my excitment)As he finished we asked for আরো and obviously prepared for this he came back onto the stage and rapped ROLL. Not to mention the excitment of the women when he wet himself and took of his t-shirt. Also for any worried parents the crowed was not pushing and shoving and thier was not any drunks only a small few of course.

posted by cubuffst
It has been officially announced that Flo Rida has a song in the upcoming DJ Hero 2 game release due later this year! For আরো on the game, visit DJHero.com. আরো info coming soon…

When the party starts this October, budding beat chemists, গান গাওয়া sensations and all of their বন্ধু will আগুন up two টার্নটেবিল controllers and a microphone and experience hits from the biggest names in সঙ্গীত as they’ve never heard them before in Activision Publishing Inc.’s (Nasdaq: ATVI) DJ Hero® 2. Taking the soundtrack to “the most innovative and immersive সঙ্গীত experience of 2009”* and recipient...
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