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Well, in my mind at least.

Here are some of the reasons why ~

1) Foreman nearly killed her in his desperation to save her:
Not only did he risk his job and his career দ্বারা switching her from the placebo onto the Huntington's drug, he actually risked her life. He was so desperate to help her that he damn near killed her! As pointed out দ্বারা House, প্রণয় blinds people and makes them do stupid things, and Foreman did the mother of all incredibly stupid things!

2) Thirteen brings out the best in Foreman:
Obviously, Foreman came out of his shell at Chase's bachelor party. He was having fun and was keen for...
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Here is my entry for the Ship মাস অনুরাগী Fiction Contest. Never done a Foreteen fanfic before, so ভালুক with me on this one because I haven't had any practice at লেখা these characters and I don't write serious অনুরাগী fiction. If this turns out to be an unholy disaster, please don't point and laugh!

Foreman & Thirteen in 'Boombox'

Foreman opened his car door and struggled to pull the giant boombox out from the back seat. It was heavy and awkward to carry, but eventually Foreman managed to lift the device out of the car and carry it to the middle of the courtyard outside Thirteen's apartment...
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Note: It's a back-and-forth dialogue between House & 13, just incase আপনি didn't catch that.

“Yeah, House? I’m sorry, I need to call in sick again.”

“No আপনি don’t.”

“Um…yeah, I do. I’ve got a temperature of 102. I feel like crap. I’ll just infect the patients.”

“No আপনি don’t.”

“Yeah I do.”

“I can hear a PA system and coughing behind you.”

“You heard the টেলিভিশন and my cough.”

“Thirteen, where are you?”

“At home, in my bed.”



“Princeton General.”


“You’re that sick?”




“Tell Foreman I’m sorry.”

Dial tone.
posted by mollyx365
They went out a couple of times. On the inevitable third date; it was awkward. Every চুম্বন was rushed, every touch was fumbling. Soon after, they smiled and had a mutual breakup.

At work, people knew their story, and no one thought that they would actually be friends. Yet, they were. They often fought during differentials, but they would go out for drinks with Kutner and Taub afterward. Occasionally, House would make them do procedures অথবা break and enter together, just to tease. They never let it get to them.

Two years later, Taub, Kutner, and Thirteen left the fellowship. They went on to other...
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To begin with,Foreteen was something completely unexpected to me for several reasons.13's bisexual and the whole hospital knew she very often had sex with unknown women,she has Huntigton's,an incurable brain disease,Foreman at that time was conducting a clinical trial where 13 's included so a relationship between them 'd mess things up and they both work for House the biggest gossip girl of the hospital.When I watched
the first kiss(by the way I loved it)I was stunned.When I managed to process what I saw I was not only excited,but nervous for its continuation.

I was sure they both have deep...
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আপনি guys remember link?
I had this insane urge to collect it all in one place. So here are all my thoughts about why Foreteen is the most awesomest ship ever:

I thought I would start দ্বারা pointing out what I believe to be the similarities between the two characters. I think that these similarities are important to understanding why they could have a great relationship.

1) Strong in their beliefs - Both Foreman and Thirteen are strongly opinionated people who firmly believe in certain values and beliefs about the world and how to conduct themselves in the world. They both do what they believe it...
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posted by misanthrope86
Ok, so I will start of দ্বারা saying that I loved the scenes that Foreman and Thirteen had together. Once again, this epiosde was full of sweet, genuine moments between these two characters. Plus, hearing the words "Foreteen's right" come out of House's mouth were not only hilarious, but a nice way acknowledge the ship's existence and was probably also a shout-out to us fans!

As always, I loved all their scenes together. One moment that I particularly loved was when Foreman ব্যক্ত he would help খুঁজুন the house. Of course, that was Thirteen's assignment and I thought it was interesting that Foreman...
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 Foreman after Thirteen walks out on him
Foreman after Thirteen walks out on him
That episode was pure gold! The foreteen-ness blew me away with incredible awesomeness! Needless to say, I liked this episode, so I decided to write an প্রবন্ধ about it =D

The first scene they had in the patient's গ্যারেজ showed that she clearly does care about him, we've seen before that she's happy to sleep around, but with Foreman's something's clearly different because of the feelings she has for him. And, she even admits it.

Foreman: Busy tonight, we can get some dinner?
13: I don't think so.
Foreman: So making out okay, meal's too intimate?
13: i don't want to চুম্বন আপনি again either.
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posted by misanthrope86
*SPOILERS for Season 5*

So, Foreteen has officially begun. And it has been suggested that episode 8 of season 5 ('Emancipation') will be the episode in which Foreman tries to enroll Thirteen in some clinical trials for a treatment for Huntington's Disease, thus begining a Forteen story arc.
So, out of sheer excitement and nervousness due to the fact that there has been very little spoilery information about the story arc, I have complied the Foreteen moments from 'Lucky Thirteen' that made my হৃদয় sing. Really, this is a তালিকা of উদ্ধৃতি that I complied in order to indulge myself. Feel free to...
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Alright, this may be a short article, but after watching a certain scene in Unfaithful, talking to K, and পাঠ করা Missy's প্রবন্ধ I'd figure my যেভাবে খুশী realization may be worth লেখা about:

"You never wanted to take that other job. আপনি never wanted to save me. আপনি wanted to offer to save me so আপনি wouldn't feel guilty. আপনি knew I'd say no. That's why you're so mad right now."


"You're an idiot."

- Foreman and Thirteen; 5x15 "Unfaithful"

I believe that we can reflect this to the Huddy discussion in Unfaithful- to go অথবা not to go to Cuddy's party, that is the question.

"You never wanted me to go...
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posted by mollyx365
Note: This is before House’s Head, Amber’s still alive and Thirteen hasn’t tested herself.

Thirteen stared at herself in the mirror. Two months. It had been two months since she had slept with Foreman. Things had been awkward for a week অথবা two, before eventually they had gotten back to normal. House might have poked fun a couple times, and Cuddy and Wilson might had looked at them through a squinted eye, as well there was a bit of giggling from nurses, but it seemed as if everyone had forgotten দ্বারা now.

Thirteen lifted her শার্ট up to her chest. It was barely visible; it might look as if...
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She closed the door to her apartment and leaned against it. She sighed. This বড়দিন was one of the best of her life. স্নেহ চুম্বন Foreman was different than the one-night stands she shared with those women in those bars. It was meaningful. But she knew that there were always consequences to স্নেহ চুম্বন one of your bosses. Hopefully, this consequence would turn out to be a good one.

She fed the মাছ she had bought. She named it Wilt, after her late older brother, Wilter Hadley, who died in a car accident before she was even born. Her mother always picked strange names because her father never wanted...
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posted by mollyx365
House stared at the phone in his palm. Tell Foreman I’m sorry. What the hell did that mean? Unless…no! She wouldn’t! Although, she wasn’t Cameron. He really had no idea what her moral view on abortion was.

He turned to look at Kutner, Taub, and Foreman. He had a right to know. House got up and walked into the conference room.

“Hey Foreman,” House said, and the three heads looked up. “I just got a call from Thirteen. She’s terminating your kid.”

“What?” Foreman asked, confused at what House had said.

“You got Thirteen pregnant two months ago. She just called me from Princeton...
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posted by mollyx365
“Late,” House মতামত as Foreman walks into the room. “Your car break down again?” He asks, winking. Taub and Kutner didn’t understand the joke, but Foreman just sneered at him in reply.

“Do we have a patient?” Foreman asked, turning around to Taub and Kutner. They handed him the folder, as he began to read it over.

”Foreman, what’s missing here?” House asked in an extremely condescending tone, while gesturing around the room. Foreman sneered again, before answering:

“The stick that’s normally shoved up your ass. Oh, wait a minute, turn around, there it is!” he said....
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posted by mollyx365
Summary: After a drunken night, Foreman and Thirteen don’t remember how they got to the position they found themselves in, but only know that the future holds surprises for them. Set sometime after It’s a Wonderful Lie

Ugh. That’s all she can think. Ugh. Thirteen recognized the feeling of her organs being oozed out through her skin as an extreme hangover. Ugh. She groans audibly and tries to open her eyes. Bright! Too bright! After a moment, Thirteen gets used to the light looks around to her surroundings. She’s in a brown room, with warm sheets and a few bookcases, a nightstand, and...
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posted by misanthrope86

I thought that I would share with আপনি the moment that I knew Foreman and Thirteen could be one of the greatest ships of all time. This is the exchange between them in the season four episode 'Don't Ever Change'. They are sitting in the MRI control room while the Patient Of The Week receives the MRI.

THIRTEEN: Good symmetrical activity in both hemispheres.

FOREMAN: Caudal structures look okay. She hasn't changed? Sex, drugs, rock and roll, the six hundred rules of God are all in there somewhere.

THIRTEEN: We oversimplify people. It's how the human mind works. Everything's...
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