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Chapter 3

"My last opponent was Gary. Gary Hawthorne."
Blue said."he pulled out his sword and felt the smooth surface of the blade."
" 'Are আপনি ready to get killed, 'cause that is your fate.' he said. Everybody was awed at what he said."
" 'Oh! So আপনি really think so,eh? Well, we'll see about that!' I hollared. I ran towards him, reloading my pistol. He pointed the sword at my neck."
" So আপনি really think আপনি can kill me? Huh? Do ya?
Well, think about your opponent before আপনি go and kill yourself! Know your limitations! Remember that!"
" আপনি could fell the rush in your veins, and the force field in the arena."
"I ran towards him and pointed my pistol at his হৃদয় an d my shot gun at his forehead. 'Do আপনি surender অথবা do আপনি die?' I asked,but I didn't let
him answer. I just shot him."