General Hospital JaSam অনুরাগী Unite! We want a JaSam baby re-write!

allybirk2183 posted on Apr 19, 2012 at 04:00AM
I'm a JaSam fan and I'm reaching out to fellow JaSam fans who are watching the current storyline and are disgusted. Franco was just revealed as Sam's baby's father...and for JaSam fans, this is the WORST news we can hear, and I'm praying, crossing fingers & toes that this is a soap opera USUAL, the change of the DNA, but if it isn't, and the writers stick with this storlyine - as a huge JaSam fan, I can't fathom watching this show (Just saved from being cancelled - thank god!) without the JaSam baby we've wanted for so many years.
To all who feel the same way...I've created a Facebook page. Go there, and sign my petition (status update), and we'll send as many names as we can into GH and hopefully get the writers to open their eyes and REWRITE our JaSam!

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বছরখানেক আগে allybirk2183 said…
The link doesn't seem to be working so you can search for Alicia Birkinbine and find the page under "recent activity"