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George, thanks for being that sweet, heartwarming Scottish man in Celtic thunder! You're our celebrity father! Here's reflecting on the past few years- just some funny things, sweet things, and just all around great things about you!

~ This girl loves আপনি so much, she's adopted আপনি as her uncle! link
~ আপনি give really good hugs! link
~ Funny quote from Keith, "I'm talking about the waves in you're hair!" link
~ "I'm gonna be" got everyone on their feet and going crazy in the Take Me প্রথমপাতা tour link
~ Keith and Damian প্রণয় you're bald head! link link link
~From the Dictionary "Original Georgey Girl~...
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Overture and beginners please... Strike up the band... Stand দ্বারা for Celtic Thunder... and "It's Entertainment."

This stylish and high energy trip through some of the great songs of the last 30years is pure showbiz! It is a tribute from Celtic Thunder to the legacy they have inherited from the great entertainers of the past, and a mark of how far they themselves have travelled as performers, in a few short years.

It evokes an era of big bands and boulevards, শীর্ষ hats and tails and গান গাওয়া and dancin' in the rain! It makes for irresistible listening as the principals from this generation pay their...
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