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posted by KATHY_4LYFE
Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (George Michael) achieved fame in the duo Wham! in his native U.K. in 1982. Through 1986, he and his partner, Andrew Ridgeley, scored hit after hit in a variety of styles from rap to up-tempo pop to slow ballads. As songwriter and lead singer, Michael gradually overshadowed the group, and দ্বারা the time they split, he was ready for a massively successful solo career. This began with the 1987 album Faith, which featured a series of chart-topping hit singles and sold আরো than seven million copies. That Michael had not achieved a similar critical success was evident...
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posted by deedragongirl
 RIP George!
RIP George!
Hi guys, I heard the news that George Michael had died this morning and I will be লেখা my favourite songs from him.

Wake Me Up Before আপনি Go Go

I had always প্রণয় this song and I heard it at a special ডিজনি সঙ্গীত video associating with this song, finally many years later I saw the actual সঙ্গীত video of it. I could not get the song out of my head!

If I Told আপনি That (with Whitney Houston)

Okay, when I first heard this song, it is another disco moment for me and I প্রণয় Whitney Houston too. They have such great chemistry together especially in this song!

Careless Whisper

This song reminds me...
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I need to do this favour for আপনি , man.Let me ask আপনি a serious প্রশ্ন ,so all the insane প্রণয় that women and girls used to feel for আপনি during the 80's was all 'fake'?Do আপনি have any idea how much they used to প্রণয় you?So that was all fake?????It was scary!!!!!Forget Michael,forget even Elvis,it was scary!!!I was even weary of speaking about আপনি in front of them, man!!That vibe from their womb was FAKE?!?? Never,George,never tell any one you're gay just cause আপনি think your woman is being over-protective with you.I know they lock আপনি in with an intercourse অথবা two,but it has nothing to do...
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