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posted by Shinshika
So I was looking for a George Weasley club after I stumbled upon the ফ্রেড Weasley club, and I realized there wasn't one. Considering George is my পছন্দ twin (and one of the best characters in the series), I wanted to make this club to give him the recognition he deserves.

So basically the point of this club is to establish George as a unique character with a personality separate than and equal to his twin's.

There are several things I'm in the process of doing to get this club on its feet. As আপনি can see, I added a temporary club প্রতীকী and banner, but I'm really looking for someone who is...
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I wrote this for Quizilla using one of my old Harry Potter OCs (who I have since tweaked a bit). This was my first OC story ever because I'm usually highly against them. I only did it because I hate George/Angelina. George deserves better than Fred's sloppy seconds.

(Thanks to Ronnichu@DA for the signature)


Cadence Collins is a witch. That’s the most important thing আপনি need to know about her. Some would argue that her imperative trait is the fact that she’s Muggle Born, but we disagree. Cadence Collins is a witch, and that’s all that matters. In this particular...
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This oneshot was written for Quizilla as step one in a series of George Weasley oneshots I'm লেখা using my updated OC.

(Thanks once again to Ronnichu@DA for the signature)


The summer holiday was finally coming to a close, and Cora Collins was আরো excited than ever to return to Hogwarts. She was a 6th year, which meant she would finally have frequent breaks between classes and even some off periods. She was looking অগ্রবর্তী to these breaks mostly because she wanted that extra time to spend with her friends, ফ্রেড and George Weasley and Lee Jordan. As if that weren’t...
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