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Jessica Hermes

Beloved sister and good friend taken দ্বারা a careless driver but still lives close in the hearts of the many বন্ধু she made and her family morns but she is now with the দেবদূত singing.. We will miss her

I never knew her that well but many knew দ্বারা her user name Whiteflower. She was a very good friend she cared about other enough to push her sister Brownstar out of the way of a speeding car and she was killed. We will all morn her death but we must realize that she is no pain of the accident and that we will see her in heaven when it is our time.
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Ghost had her plan all figured out she would earn Petalstar's trust and become deputy then would kill her. But one thing she would've never thought of falling in love. She had met a warrior in the clan named Tailheart and they fell immediantly in প্রণয় but when he died in a battle she thought it would be the end of that destraction but she was dead wrong. Two moons later she found out that was going to give birth to kits. Devastated she had the kits and left the clan for good leaving her kits তারকা and Tail 9named after her dead mate) behind and she left to make her own clan deep into the woods and became Ghoststar and made Ghostclan.

The End......(or not?)
Ghost had begun her hunt for Petal. She stpped every cat that came her way and questioned every clan she found, finally a rouge tom told her of a leader named Petalstar. দ্বারা the বিবরণ he gave her she knew that was her sister. She found the নেকড়ে clan and asked to যোগদান it. Without knowing who it was Petalstar agreed and Ghost was a member. Many moons passed and soon enough Ghost became deputy. Ghost had finally earned her sister's trust, then when she had it all figured out she was about to make her সরানো to kill Pealstar when she made a mistake that was devastating even to Starclan it was horrible...
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This is a really cool অ্যানিমেশন নেকড়ে
It all started when Two little pups were born. One was named Flower., The other was named Petal because of a small scar on her back. The two pups grew up the same way all the other pups did. Except one দিন when the clan was attacked দ্বারা a clan rouge মার্জার the two pups were separated. ফুল was left behind in the clan and poor Petal was taken দ্বারা the rouge cats. The leader Scouge had taken the little she-pup so his clan would be আরো powerful দ্বারা having a নেকড়ে warrior. The pup grew up with the মার্জার and ate what they ate and was trained to hunt for not only খাবার but for lives as well. Scourge changed...
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