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 Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Hanging around....Off Set! Aaawww!
Part 2

Its the final দিন of filming. The GG gang are filming the last few of the wedding scenes and the atmosphere is really good but emotional as the cast know it's their last দিন together before their holidays.
They have just filmed Chuck's wedding speech and are taking their lunch break.

Leighton and Ed have eaten their lunch and are standing around on set talking.

L: নমস্কার let me know if আপনি see Seb, he ব্যক্ত he was coming today but he's not here yet.
E: Ever heard of a phone...you can use it to contact someone to find out where they are.
L: (laughs) Well i dont have it with me do I! its in my locker.
E: So i think আপনি really bruised me when Blair kicked Chuck for that scene.
L: Really! Let me see...(she looks down at his leg as he lifts up his ট্রাউজার leg)
E: Is it bruised? আপনি kicked me hard!
L: No its not...and i didnt even kick আপনি hard! but even if i did i had to make it look realistic didnt i?!
E: Not that realistic! Not as realistic as im going to make our চুম্বন look!
L: Blair and Chuck's kiss...well that would have to be realistic...wouldn't want to disappoint the fans!
E: Im going to bite your tongue!
L: (she nudges him) No! আপনি wouldn't! I'll scream!
E: (they laugh) ill make it really sloppy.
L: Ed আপনি cant! its supposed to be romantic!
E: Its Blair and Chuck...romantic comes with the territory.
L: Exactly so dont ruin the kiss!
E: Obviously i wont ruin it for the final take, but before that i'll bite you.
L: (she shoves him again as he just laughs, she twists his arm) No! I'm not gonna talk to you!
E: আপনি have to...your coming to England with me remember!
L: (she stops twisting his arm) Oh....about that....im not sure i was serious about it...
E: What do আপনি mean....you dont want to come?
L: No, it's not that i dont want to....im just not sure if i can...
E: Oh....ok....well that's fine....dont worry about it...it would've been fun though.
L: I know! I would like to come...
E: Then whats stopping you?
L: Im....not so sure that Seb would like it.
E: Oh....so boyfriend dictates what আপনি do then?
L: No.
E: Then...
L: (short silence) Fine....i'll come....but book the tickets fast before i change my mind!
E: Ok i cant book them now so আপনি cant change your mind after i bite your tongue! (they start play fighting again)
L: Ed No! I'll kick আপনি and break your leg if আপনি bite me! It hurts if your tongue gets bitten!
E: Well আপনি started it! আপনি kicked me first!
L: Well i misjudged the force of my kick i apologise!
E: Fine then আপনি can massage my leg instead.
L: What..in public? No way!
E: Later.
L: promise not to bite me.
E: (he leans his head towards her) I promise (he then snaps his mouth to mimic a bite and they both laugh) I'll give আপনি the best চুম্বন you've ever had!

They continue talking until they are ushered back on set to resume filming.
When they do finally film the Chuck/Blair চুম্বন scene, Ed keeps his promise, he does indeed deliver one of the best kisses Chuck/Blair অনুরাগী have seen!
after the চুম্বন when the director cuts, Ed again snaps his mouth in Leighton's face to mimic a bite and they both have a laughing fit, everyone is baffled as to what they are laughing at but they dont tell anyone...

Later that day.
Everyone is saying their final goodbyes.
They are at the trailer parks and everyone has their things ready to go.
Leighton sees Sebastian approaching, she shouts his name and he walks over to her, everyone else is also standing there.

L: Omg! Seb what happened! Your so late! (they hug and he kisses her on her cheek)
S: নমস্কার babe, im sorry, i got caught up in traffic and then ive been trying to get in but security wouldn't let me.
E: (sarcastically) Im surprised they didnt recognise আপনি as an actor...
S: Ummm...(isnt sure whether that was an insult অথবা not) Ye whatever...Leigh im sorry, i would have been here earlier if i could have (he kisses her on the lips)
L: It's ok...we're all getting ready to leave now...(she turns to the other one দ্বারা one to say goodbye...she turns to Ed) Hey....ummm i guess i'll speak to আপনি later then..
E: Ye...i'll let আপনি know what happens with the tickets (he purposely says that loud enough for everyone to hear)
L: (she gives him a look to say shut up! Then whispers) Ed!
S: tickets for what?
E: oh আপনি haven't told him? Sorry for opening my mouth!
L: (grabs sebs arm an drags him away) ok Ed thanks ill take it from here!
S: tickets?
L: ummm well basically i wanted to go to লন্ডন and coincidently Ed is going there for the holidays...so he ব্যক্ত he'd take me...its the perfect opportunity...ive always wanted to go there! আপনি dont mind do you?
S: ummm i dont know, i thought we could...spend the holidays together.
L: i thought আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি were going to be busy?
S: well i would have had days off.
L: aaw im really sorry...i should have asked আপনি first. (she cuddles him) we can do something special when i get back. Ok?

A Week Later.

Ed and Leighton have began their journey to England. Leighton insisted that she didnt mind staying at his family's প্রথমপাতা instead of at a hotel so they decide to go to Stevenage, Hertfordshire to Ed's family home, where his parents and younger 19 বছর old brother live. He also has an older brother who is married and lives in his own house. (these facts are not entirely true!)

They finally arrive at Stanstead airport. They are dressed very casually with big sun glasses and hoodies in an attempt not to get recognised.
Luckily they dont!

Once they arrive 'home' later that day, they are greeted দ্বারা Eds family. They eventually have ডিনার and chat, with Ed's parents telling Leighton embarrassing stories about Ed's childhood.
They eventually decide to go to বিছানা after planning what to do and where to go over the পরবর্তি few days.

Another week later.

Ed's mother has volunteered to take Leighton shopping for the দিন while the boys have...a boys দিন out.
Its the evening and Ed's mother (i should really use her name...Carole) is watching telly with Leighton.
C: so, what do আপনি think of my boy then? He's a real catch dont আপনি think?
L: (she looks away and giggles) im sure he is...umm we're good friends, hes a great guy.
C: oh, yes he ব্যক্ত আপনি were in a relationship with someone.
L: umm yeh, i am. His name is Sebastian.
C: So is this boy nice then?
L: ye, he's great. And he really likes me. He's cute, funny, kind and charming!
C: but he cant be as charming as my Ed.
L: (she smiles) aaw, well every mother thinks her child is better than everyone else!
C: i didn't say he was better than everyone else, just that he would be better than anyone you'll meet in your lifetime. (they both smile, Leighton is slightly confused), he thinks very highly of you. (Leighton smiles) when he lived here, he had! this girlfriend, he would never bring her home, he would never bring any of his বন্ধু home, other than his band mates. He likes to keep his family separate to his social life. Thats why i was surprised that he was bringing আপনি on this trip home.
L: umm...well we were going to stay at a hotel at first...
C: well im glad i got to meet you, and you're welcome here anytime. আপনি obviously mean a lot to him.
L: (gets embarrassed) really? We've not known each other very long.
C: well my husband and i only knew each other for 3 months before we were sure we were in প্রণয় so im sure the বছর that you've known Ed is enough for আপনি to become good friends!
L: (smiles) i guess. Well we're a tight bunch, me, Ed and the others, we do spend a lot of time together.
Just then the front door is slammed open and Ed and his brother, Jess, are heard coming in, shouting and arguing.
Carole walks to where the boys are standing, Leighton follows.
C: oi, নমস্কার cut it out! (she sees blood on Eds clothes, he is holding tissue to his face covered in blood) oh my lord! Ed what happened?
J: it was a fight.
C: oh lord, Ed cant আপনি stay out of trouble! Let me see your face!
E: it weren't my fault ok! I was sticking up for him!
J: i never asked আপনি to!
E: oh so আপনি expected me to stand there and watch আপনি get battered?!
C: oh just look at your face Edward! Leighton there's a fist aid in that pantry, could আপনি fetch it please darling?
L: sure.
J: look, so what আপনি beat him up anyway what difference does it make if আপনি got hurt in the process?!
E: (shoves jess) well maybe পরবর্তি time আপনি can যোগদান in rather than standing there!
C: Ed what kind of an example are আপনি setting?!
E: he needs to learn how to defend himself!
(Leighton returns)
C: and আপনি need to learn how to stay out of trouble! Hold your chin up.
E: (laughs) i dont believe this, i was bloody defending him how can আপনি give me grief over that! আপনি know what just forget it. Its late, im tired and im going to bed! (storms off up the stairs angrily)
J: at least let mum check out if আপনি broke your nose.
J: (to the girls) whoa ok, he sounds pretty pissed off! My job here is done!
L: umm is he going to be ok? Maybe i should take the fist aid kit and see if he's ok?
C: im not so sure, he was very angry...you could go if আপনি want. Take this (hands the kit to her)

Leighton heads upstairs. Ed is already in বিছানা under the covers wearing only his মুষ্টিযোদ্ধা shorts. He is still holding tissue to his nose. She turns on his bedside lamp and sits on his bed.

L: sit up. Let me see.

She takes the tissue out of his hand and he eventually sits up, watching her the whole time. She smiles at him.

L: i come in peace (she giggles, he forces a smile)

She takes some cotton wool and uses antiseptic to clean his wound carefully as he grits his teeth to hide the stinging pain.

L: im sorry i know it probably hurts, but i have to clean it, it could get infected otherwise.
E: it doesnt hurt.

But of course, it did hurt, he just wanted to seem tough in front of her.
He watched her as she put pressure on his nose to stop the bleeding. He was glad that she was there. Just to comfort him, make him feel better. After the blood stopped she wiped his face clean again and cleared away the mess. He laid back down in his bed. She thought she'd let him sleep, he'd clearly had a bad day.
She gave him a চুম্বন on his forehead.

L: goodnight...i'll see আপনি tomorrow.
E: ...dont go....stay. (he takes hold of her arm and moves onto one end of his bed, indicating for her to যোগদান him)

She knew he probably just needed some comfort, a hug maybe. She smiled and slid under his covers and into his arms. It was warm, nice, they both felt good.

E: im sorry for getting angry in front of আপনি downstairs.
L: its fine, there's nothing wrong with প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে your emotions.
E: i dont usually get into fights, ive grown up from that...this was a one off.
L: i know...like আপনি said...you were just protecting your brother.
E: exactly...and i would do anything to protect the people i care about.
L: are আপনি in any pain? Remember i still owe আপনি a massage!
E: oh yeah...that will definitely cheer me up!

They giggle, Leighton sits up on the বিছানা on শীর্ষ of his thighs.

L: what do আপনি want me to massage...and no where rude! !
E: oh! Whats the point then! (they laugh)
L: Ed! Seriously now, Where?
E: ok...my back.

He turns over and she sits on the বিছানা to his side. She begins to massage his back. He starts to make weird noises, like groans and moans, just to annoy her.

L: Ed! Sssh! What are আপনি doing!
He carries on moaning.
L: Ed! Everyone can probably hear you!
E: i know. (he laughs)
L: it sounds like your making sex noises! Shut up!
E: (he laughs) thats the whole point!
L: no! Your mad! I wont carry on unless আপনি stop it!
E: fine! Ill stop enjoying it then!
L: আপনি were enjoying it?
She climbs on শীর্ষ of him and continues to massage him.
E: yep. Arent you?
L: its just a massage Ed.
He doesnt respond.

Around 15 mins later.

E: hey... আপনি can stop now... আপনি must be tired.
She gets off him and he turns around.
E: come here...(she lies back down and moves towards him.) your hands must be tired (he holds and kisses her hands) i owe আপনি a massage now.
L: not tonight.
E: another time then?

They smile at each other and then just look at each other for a while.

E: Thanks...for being here...my দিন hasn't been that bad after all.
L: (she smiles) im glad your ok...

Ed leans his head towards her. His lips are almost touching hers...their eyes locked. She can feel his warm breath teasing her lips...then she suddenly remembers...Seb.
She looks away...manoeuvres slightly away from him...he also turns away. He was close..but not close enough...

E: আপনি should probably turn off the lamp.

She obliges.

After a few মিনিট অথবা so he cant resist but to at least hold her. He takes his chances and moves towards her, puts his arm over her. She was waiting for him to do this. She turned towards him and hugged him back as he wrapped his legs around her and kissed her shoulder and then her neck, but he didnt dare risk going any further than that, so he just held her, grateful that she was there. With him.

To be continued...

Hope আপনি liked it! i tried to keep it humorous but it has to be quite serious in some parts! The পরবর্তি part will be পোষ্ট হয়েছে once i write it!
 Goodnight our favourtie couple!!!
Goodnight our favourtie couple!!!
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