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Note: I Recommended That আপনি Complete All Missions Before Doing This Trick

When আপনি Start Mission ''A প্রথমপাতা In The Hills" আপনি Will Back To Los Santos, And Help Madd Dog Taking Back He's Crib, Once আপনি Done, Start The পরবর্তি Mission Until আপনি Meet And Take Sweet Back To ঘোমটা From Police Prison On Pershing Square. Then আপনি Must Take Over Back Your Hood, Once Done, আপনি Can Start Gang War, Just Like When আপনি Take Over Glen Park, Keep Start And Finish Missions Until Mission Los Deperados, Once আপনি Done, আপনি Must Take Over At Least 50% Gang Territories Before আপনি Can Start Final Mission: "End Of The...
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