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A patrol of four Grassclan মার্জার padded along the boundary with Spiritclan. Darkstripe was at the head of the patrol and suddenly stopped to smell the air. "What's that scent, Darkstripe? I don't recognize it." spoke Flowerpaw.
"I don't recognize it." growled Darkstripe as he followed the trail. Flowerpaw, Brackenfoot and Krestelheart followed.
Then Darkstripe spoke. "Stop. Krestelheart and I shall go further. Brackenfoot, আপনি and Flowerpaw wait here." then him and Krestelheart moved on.
The two মার্জার stopped dead in their trail when they saw another Grassclan body lying dead right in front of them,...
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"Why do I have to go to the Moonstone?" asked Rosepaw. She was obviously tired.
"You have to. Grassstar's on her last life so আপনি might be medicine cat when she dies. Then, আপনি must travel there with the new leader, and আপনি have to lead. আপনি have to know the way, Rosepaw." replied Waterlily. They'd just left the camp and were heading to the Moonstone.
Rosepaw sighed. She just wanted to sleep.

It was later in the দিন when they reached the Moonstone. Waterlily went under to the Moonstone, whilst Rosepaw kept watch from a boulder.

She might have dozed off because before she knew it she was back in...
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Grassstar is the founder of Grassclan and the first leader. She was “a tortoiseshell she-cat with a white belly and white paws and green eyes.” She was the daughter of Hillclan members Grasspatch who was killed in battle before she was born, and Fernleaf who died when she was an apprentice. She was born with one sister, named Daisykit. Grasskit was named in honour of her father. When she became an apprentice, she achieved her mother’s best friend Dewfeather for a mentor. Grasspaw, although not very good at hunting, proved an অবিশ্বাস্য fighter and became a warrior named Grassfoot whilst...
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I took out a hunting patrol. There was me, Berrypaw, Rainthistle and Mousepaw. Mousepaw just came out of the bushes with a shrew in her jaws. I watched as she buried it and Rainthistle congratulated her apprentice. I looked around for Berrypaw, who came bounding out of the গুল্ম with a plump rabbit clutched in her mouth. I watched as she buried it.
"Well done!" I told my apprentice. "Come on." I said, alerting the others. "We have to catch আরো before we even think about heading back."
The three মার্জার followed me through the forest to find আরো prey.

It had been a long time since their first catch...
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Darkstripe and Krestelheart just stared at the she-cat. The intruder rose. "Who goes there?" it said, not directing her words to anything in particular.
Krestelheart gulped and the two Grassclan মার্জার stepped out from the long ঘাস into the clearing in the shade of a বৃক্ষ where the cat was waiting.
"Ah..." the she-cat hissed. "Clan cats." she spat. "I could tell you'd be out looking for me soon."
"Who are you?" hissed Darkstripe, flattening his ears.
"Your worst nightmare." replied the ginger cat. "I am Daisy." then she narrowed her eyes. "I used to belong to a Clan. My mother used to be a kittypet,...
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An unfamiliar scent hung in the air as one non-Grassclan cat paced through the long grass. So far, the enemy had been lucky. But her luck was about to change as a figure jumped out on the tress passer and knocked her against a tree.
"Why are আপনি here?" hissed the attacker, who was now revealed to be Starfire, one of the young Grassclan warriors.
"Calm, Starfire." meowed another cat sternly, stepping into view.
"Darkstripe." the intruder gave him a respectful nod.
"Why are আপনি here, Sandstorm?" asked Darkstripe calmly.
"I need to talk to some of your Clan." she said. "Crowstar, Waterlily, and...
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Four figures loomed through the forest. In the lead was a golden spotted cat, obviously a she-cat. Behind her was a sleek black and grey tom side-by-side with a ginger tabby. Behind was a small kit - pale red. Two আরো figures stepped out from the bushes: a black she-cat and an কমলা tom, obviously an apprentice.
"Find anything?" asked the spotted she-cat.
"Only a faint scent of badger, Rainthistle. What about you?" the black cat replied.
"We have some news that may startle you." replied Rainthistle.
Both মার্জার pricked their ears up.
"What is it?" asked the apprentice.
"Quiet, Timberpaw. Let her...
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A frosty air surrounded the GrassClan camp. Ashfield and Magmafur sat eating their supper. The camp was quiet, most of the মার্জার were at the Gathering. But the sisters had been left behind. Magmafur was dealing with it OK, she didn't really mind. She hated the usual hustle and bustle of the camp. But Ashfield hated being left out, অথবা chosen last. She had had enough. She stood up and headed for the camp entrance.
"Where do আপনি think you're going?" it was the voice of her sister.
"Out." she replied coldly, turning to look at Magmafur. "You coming অথবা staying here all night?"
"I want to stay here but...
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