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posted by shadria
 this code is from the episode when the wax figures come to life
this code is from the episode when the wax figures come to life
Has anyone noticed wierd signs in gravity falls?
Well first in the theme song at the end if play it reversed
u can hear a small voice that says "three letters back" and if u play it fowards u can hear it says "switch a to z"
Another mystery is that at the end of the theme song it has a picture thats on the bottom it has a scrambled message like it says in the theme song u have to সরানো 3 letters back to crack the code and when ur done it says "stab is not what he seems"
Another mystery is that at the end of each episode in the credits it প্রদর্শনী a scrambled message like the one to the right to decode it u have to us the term three letters back in the first episode it ব্যক্ত welcome to gravity falls well thats all for now if u want to u could leave প্রশ্ন অথবা মতামত
 the message to the right says stan is not what he seems
the message to the right says stan is not what he seems
posted by koalagirl9
Well......Who wants a lamby lamby lamby?
I do!!!I do!!!!
So go up and greet your mammy mammy mammy
Hi there!!
March March March around the daises dont dont আপনি forget about the baby
and heres it in spanish
Bueno ...... ¿Quién quiere un Lamby Lamby Lamby?
Que hago! Yo!!
Así que subir y saludar a su mamá mamá mamá
De marzo de marzo de marzo alrededor de las tarimas dont no tú olvídate de que el bebé
and heres it in chinese
Translate text অথবা webpage
Type text অথবা a website address অথবা translate a document.
automatically translated দ্বারা Google
Chinese (Simplified)
那么......谁想要一个lamby lamby lamby?
Reasons way. pinecest. is right.

Reason. 1. is. they. won't. find. প্রণয়
Reason. 2. is. They always. প্রণয় ❤ each other
Reason 3 is. they always. do. things. Together

Reasons. way dipper. won't. find. প্রণয়

Reason. 1. he. is. a. nerd

Reason. 2 he
read's. Boring books

Reason. 3. he. is. awkward

Reasons way. Mabel. won't. Find. Love

Reason 1. she. is. crazy

Reason 2. she. is. in. stupid idiot.

Reason 3. is. boys. Just don't like. Her

Reasons. Way. dipper and. Mabel. will. always. প্রণয় ❤. each other

Reason. 1. is. they. always. protect each other

Reason 2. is. they. love. to. go on adventures. Together

Reason. 3. is. they. প্রণয় to. love. each other
posted by sparkles3
June, 2013
“Dipper, could আপনি get the mail?” Mrs. Pines called from the kitchen. He put the short story he was লেখা down on the coffee টেবিল and went outside. The black mailbox at the front of the yard had some papers sticking out of it.

He emptied the mailbox and looked through the contents as he walked inside. An envelope caught his eye, as it was addressed to him. The return address was from somewhere in Michigan. He slipped it into his pocket, to read later. The পরবর্তি letter was from the same place, but for Mabel.

He went back inside and gave his mom the mail that wasn’t for him and...
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posted by koalagirl9
Dipper is mine
i প্রণয় Dipper pine
He is so cute
as sweet as a ফলমূল
He dances like a lamb
he may eat ham
that may seem of time
I did'nt have a rhyme
some say hes wierd some say hes weak
but he makes me so happy i can't even speak
Hes totally cute he makes me smitten
especially when he sneased like a kitten
He entertains people from America to France
দ্বারা doing his famous lamby lamby dance
He makes me get big hearts in my eyes
hes so cute that its no suprise.
So when আপনি thing of Dipper Pine.
Don't gush over him because hes mine.
And if আপনি claim he belongs to you
I'll kick your but into 2042
So i will continue to চুম্বন his picture so soft.
And আপনি will sit there and kindly back off
posted by DipperPines2010
Into the Dare Contest between Dipper and Stan Pines, the latter dares Dipper to skateboard to Greasy's ভোজনকারী and back to the Mystery Shack, completely naked. "How naked?" Dipper asked Stan. He replied fourth base, meaning "no hat, no shoes, no socks, nada". "What about the ladies?" asked a concerned Dipper. Stan threatens to declare Dipper a "chicken for life". He also points out that Dipper will wake up to "Good Morning, Chicken", and he would also cluck "Here Comes the Bride", while holding up his middle finger, when Dipper gets married. However, not wanting to be threatened, Dipper throws...
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I honestly used to like her, she was like the comedy relief of the show, whenever something serious was going on she would be doing something funny, hilarious, etc. But as episodes went দ্বারা she constantly forced Dipper to give up something for her (Example: তারিখ With Wendy, Summer pool job, etc) but in the episode Dipper and Mabel Vs. The Future is where i হারিয়ে গেছে it. She gives away Dippers peice of the portal to Blendin (Who was possessed দ্বারা Bill) and destroys it , opening the Dimensional Rift to where Bills from causing the apocalypse. How selfish of her. She does not want her brother to have a good future even though he sacrificed himself various times. How disgusting.
posted by lovebitesmaggie
On ''The Land Before Swine'' episode I realized Soos ব্যক্ত ''trust me''. Remember when Mabel asked Dipper to trust her on marrying the gnomes. I have theory that this is what the series is about. Dipper and Mabel will have to trust people but, I think they will end up being too trusting and then something bad will happen. For instance the code in the book 3: Stan is not what he seems. Also on book 3 it says ''Trust no one''. They might be to trusting with people maybe even Gruncle Stan because in ''The Land Before Swine'' Mabel trusted Stan with Waddles but, he ended up putting Waddles outside when Mabel made that clear she didn't want Waddles to go outside and it ended up in to a whole episode to find Waddles. In fact they could have named the episode: Finding Waddles. That's what I think of Gravity Falls trust. What do আপনি think of GF trust, please মতামত below with your opinions.
posted by SuperGwen
Levity Valleys: Episode 1

This is the genderbend version of Gravity falls. If আপনি copy, change, অথবা steal this in any way, I will hunt আপনি down and sue you! ^^
I also donnot own gravity falls! So don't sue me!!

bTW (The words in the parenthesese is Dippa's narration)

Tourist trapped

(Ah summer break, a time for leisure, recreation-)

 A wife is cooking at a grill. She flips sizzling burgers and juicy hotdogs on the greasy plate.

"Do আপনি want cheese on that, honey?"

"Yes, dear!" The husband উত্তর respectfully. He glances at his two kids. Who were running in cicrcles for fun. Then...
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note: I had published it before, but in [writing club] So.. It didn't have many viewers.. anyway enjoy.
Gravity falls is an amazing show, And we all cherish it.
note: I have written this প্রবন্ধ before I read a VIP প্রবন্ধ দ্বারা ALEX HIRSCH, I will explain it later on this article
♦First: we all see in the finale episode of Gravity falls that the only weakness of Bill Cipher is this বৃত্ত which All Gravity falls অনুরাগী know it since the প্রদর্শনী had started, and I was excited when ford draw it on the floor, So they collect each other and stand on this...
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posted by sparkles3
Here is some info about my coming soon Fanfic, Gravity is a Downer.

The main character, Kiki Mylls, has just moved to Gravity Falls from Detroit, MI because her parents বিভক্ত করা up and her father sent her to stay with her cousin Seuss. But Kiki feels trapped in Gravity Falls, because, as a budding graffiti artist, she needs to work at it as much as she can, and there aren't that many clear walls there. Then she meets Mable and Dipper, and she doesn't feel as isolated. But at first, Dipper thought she was a vampire and dumped a bucket of Holy Water on her. A little while later, she purchases a strange amulet, and begins have horrible nightmares.What could this mean?
Let's admit it. Gravity Falls has one the best openings ever, and we know it. But some of the remixes আপনি can find on YouTube could be considered better! And after looking around, I've decided to share my 5 favorite! I've included the links, so enjoy!

5. link

4. link

3. link

2. link

1. link

I hope আপনি enjoyed this list, and the remixes!
I've been dabbling with Gravity Falls অনুরাগী fics of late, and I may have a new one for আপনি guys concerning Robbie Valentino.
I think Robbie is adopted, and here's why.
Think back to the episode "Love God" when Mabel is walking down the hall to Robbie's Room and passes the portraits on the wall.
(1) Young Robbie, Happy, Gleeful. one of the first pictures, before he found out he was adopted.
(2) Robbie, about Dipper and Mabel's age, still happy, but slightly distant. Robbie was a smart kid, just like Dipper and Mabel, with natural musical talent, Julliard level talent, and it's about this time he found...
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I noticed Gravity Falls episodes are taking a LONG time to air on TV. I think it's slowly in the process of being cut-off of ডিজনি channel because of the argument between ডিজনি and Alex. অথবা it could be Alex and ডিজনি have no ideas to use in Gravity Falls. It could also be that they don't have time to mess with Gravity Falls and their to busy messing with some new show. It's like My babysitter's a Vampire they had it for the summer but, it didn't come back.(I'm sure they are in the process of removing that প্রদর্শনী to. I read it was put on a pause and it's not exactly canceled.) What do আপনি think, মতামত below to share your opinion.
posted by benjack
dipper is mine
i প্রণয় dipper pine
dipper comes in your souls
and then back. he makes big,big hearts in my eyes.
Dipper is so cute as sweet as a fruit,he entertains people from America to France দ্বারা doing his famous lamby lamby
dance. he dances like a মেষশাবক
he may eat ham. I প্রণয় him no matter what,even when he was possessed. So when আপনি think of dipper pine,don't gush over him because hes mine. But if আপনি claim about that dipper is yours, I'll put আপনি to 1978. So I'll continue to
চুম্বন his picture so soft,and আপনি will sit and think about claiming over dipper again!
Nyx's pov

I laid on my বিছানা after another crazy দিন in Gravity Falls. Dipper, Mable Soos Grunkle Stan and I had just returned from the Mini golf course. Mable had challenged the biggest bitch, I had ever meant in my 13 years of being on Earth. I wouldn't forgive her a easily as Mable did.

I looked over to see her in her PJ and sleeping her brown hair over her face. I smiled I then looked over at Dipper who as always had his nose in the book trying to understand the mystery of this weird little woods town, I didn't blame him. So many weird things had happened to us this summer.

Gnomes, lake monsters,...
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I do not own the song, অথবা any characters other than Kiki Mylls. The song is দ্বারা Ken Ashcorp.
This will make আরো sense after I প্রকাশ Gravity is a Downer.

Kiki's Pov:
I was sitting alone in the forest, staring up at the stars. All around me, fireflies blinked their shiny butts on and off. If someone else had been there to, it would have the most perfect moment ever.

"Yeah I'll gravitate towards ya,
Or you'll miss me when I'm gone.
'Cause things are getting creepy in this sleepy
Town in Oregon"

A familiar male voice drifted through the trees. Maybe it was... No. I can't think that, cause if I'm wrong,...
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 My name is Dip--Tyrone! I don't even know why I would call myself Dipper. No one calls me Dipper. My name is Tyrone Pines and I would like to be on Total Drama, because I would like to meet new people.
My name is Dip--Tyrone! I don't even know why I would call myself Dipper. No one calls me Dipper. My name is Tyrone Pines and I would like to be on Total Drama, because I would like to meet new people.
Dipper is Samey, because they are known দ্বারা their nicknames. Dipper, because of his birthmark. Samey is pronounced as Same-Y, instead of her প্রদত্ত name Sammy, because she is the inferior sister to Amy. If Dipper was the inferior twin, then he would have to convince people to call him Tyrone, because that's the name he was wanting.

Mabel as Amy, since they are the twins who have common birth names.

Dipper introduces his audition tape as "Tyrone Pines". He even denies having a sister. Mabel overhears this and tells Dipper to get his butt downstairs. Dipper quickly ends the audition, telling...
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posted by DipperPines2010
After the Opening দিন Ceremonies for the 75th Hunger Games, Mabel Pines follows Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Haymitch Abernathy to the elevators. "You guys look amazing!" Mabel told Katniss, who thanked Mabel for the comment. She begins to take off her accessories (including her hair tie), calling her stylist an idiot. "District 7, Lumber, Trees" Mabel blithered "What do আপনি think? Now that the whole world would want to sleep with you?" She then asks Peeta to unzip her costume. Her nudity caught the attention of the males in the elevator, while Katniss looked away in disgust. "Thanks!",...
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ok so this is my idea for a episode of Gravity falls. I only have a main idea and no side story but lets see how it goes.

*Grunkle Stan is seen installing something*
Dipper:Ugh what kind of money stealing trap are আপনি installing now.
Stan: Its a machine that tells আপনি who you're going to marry.You just add a dollar pull the switch and then it tells আপনি who আপনি will marry.
Dipper:Cool maybe this will tell me if i am going to marry Wendy. *does all that stuff Stan just explained*
Oh my gosh it does it says Wendy cool. I have got to প্রদর্শনী her this. When she sees we are made for each other she'll have to তারিখ me.
*Runs to go get Wendy*
Dipper:Hey Wendy আপনি have go to try this new game at the shack.
Wendy: আপনি actually want me to try that rip of.
Dipper:Umm yes
*pulls her over*
Wendy:Ok *inserts dollar and pulls lever* It says i am gonna marry some guy named Elbert
Well thats all i have tell me what আপনি think NERD OUT