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posted by মাকো মার্মেডস্‌
So there's many মৎসকুমারী and then theres three main মৎসকুমারী named Sirena,Lyla and Nixie.So a mermaid named Aquata and she orders Sirena and Nixie to go gaurd Mako Island because its a full moon,Siren asks Aquata why can't they celebrate like all the other মৎসকুমারী and Aquata says "You will,when আপনি get your moon rings".So they hurry and go to that magic moon pool in Mako Island.So Lyla and Sirena meet Nixie in front of Mako Island and Nixie says "You're late".So then Nixie orders Lyla and Sirena to take the rest,while Nixie watchs the far shore.So they all swim off and then this নৌকা with...
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posted by GingerxMandark
Cleo and Riki were on the বিছানা looking through the school yearbook."I can't believe school ended again"Said Cleo putting the yearbook on a shelf."Yeah আরো water to worry about"Riki ব্যক্ত handing Emma the camera she was holding."Plus we have to head down to the সৈকত right now it's time for the shell hunt."Emma ব্যক্ত leading Riki and Cleo out to the beach.The three ran into the water."It's so quiet like nobody's around at all."Cleo said."Ouch!"Riki screamed."What?"Emma asked."One of আপনি people hit me with your tail!"She said."I didn't do it!"Cleo ব্যক্ত defensively."Me either."Emma said.:Well I...
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