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প্রণয় is an Open Door (La mia occasione)

Anna: Ecco, vorrei…
…posso dire una follia?
Hans: Amo le follie!

Anna: Ho sperato molte volte in qualcosa per me,
come un fulmine sei comparso tu.
Hans: È la stessa cosa che penso io. Perché…
…non avevo mai trovato un posto finché…
…all’improvviso una speranza, qualcosa di più.

Anna: Ma se noi…
Hans: Ma se noi…
Anna e Hans: …stiamo insieme…
Anna: …mi sento bene…
Anna e Hans: ….ed è facile adesso che io so,
che occasione ho…
che occasione ho…
che occasione ho
Anna: con te
Hans: con te
Anna: con te
Hans: con te!
Anna e Hans: Che occasione...
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Hans: Other people walk through life where আপনি prefer to skip
And other people watch their step where you'll most likely trip

Sure, your hair's not perfect,
And there'sーwhat's that on your clothes?
Yeah, you're kinda talkative
With freckles on your nose.

But you're you...you-you,
And that's what makes me smile.
You're you...you-you
So stay that way awhile.

Anna: Oh, Hans... I-

Hans: আপনি don't have to say a thing, I know the way আপনি feel.
Your face is like an open book; so honest true and real.

Other people lie and cheat,
One push may come to shove.
Your হৃদয় doesn't work like that,
So you're the girl I love.

You're you...you-you,
That's how I hope আপনি stay.
You're you...you-you.
But anyway, that's all I've got to say.
1. Your ফ্যানপপ ব্যবহারকারী নাম is something Hans-related
2. Your icon, wallpaper, অথবা cellphone background is something Hans-related (bonus points if they all are!)
3. Your ringtone is প্রণয় Is an Open Door
4. আপনি never found red-haired green-eyed guys attractive until আপনি saw Hans
5. আপনি saw ফ্রোজেন multiple times in theaters just so আপনি could see Hans again
6. You've started wearing a lot আরো blue and magenta since আপনি saw Hans
7. আপনি have a Hans poster hanging up in your house (bonus points for আরো than 1 and major bonus points if this poster is signed দ্বারা Santino Fontana)
8. আপনি have a Hans doll
9. You...
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 Like its male lead, A ফ্রোজেন হৃদয় is not what it appears.
Like its male lead, A Frozen Heart is not what it appears.
When A ফ্রোজেন Heart was announced nearly a বছর ago, Frozen অনুরাগী were promised a fresh take on familiar story of Hans and Anna that “delves into the couple’s failed romance, exploring their backstories, motivations, and ultimate separation” , and did লেখক Elizabeth Rudnick deliver? An Anna অনুরাগী অথবা a অনুরাগী of the movie Frozen in general would probably say yes, but as a Hans অনুরাগী who, like so many others, believed this book would finally give him some sort of redemption, I must say no. The story starts off very promising but soon devolves into the same bias and hypocrisy I’ve come to expect...
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posted by Snowstorm1743
My point of view of Hans' point of view after the movie of him in the cell on the ship:

WARNING: this is sad.

Anna hates me. I know it. I also know I ruined my whole chances with her. I'm such a fool. Everybody hates me. I think I finally realize that now, to.
What'll my dad think? What'll my brothers think? Will I be cast out? Will I be put in prison for the rest of my life?
I don't care if they do any of those things to me. My ruined chances with Anna have left me turned to ashes; there's nothing left to burn.
I'm never going to প্রণয় another person. And I'll find a way to at least see her face again.
But I'm such a fool...
Anna: Okay, can I just, say something crazy?
Hans: I প্রণয় crazy!

All my life has been a series of doors in my face
And then suddenly I bump into you

Hans: I was thinking the same thing! ‘cuz like

I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place
And maybe it’s the party talkin’ অথবা the চকোলেট fondue

But with আপনি (but with you)

I’ve got my place (I see your face)

And it’s nothing like I’ve ever known before
Love is an open door
Love is an open door
Love is an open door
With আপনি (with you)
With আপনি (with you)
Love is an open door

I mean it’s crazy (what?!)...
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