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Harrison Ford promotes "K-19: The Widowmaker" on Conan O'Brien in July of 2002. He also talks about the Indiana Jones franchise
harrison ford
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60 years old
k-19: the widowmaker
peter sarsgaard
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I told আপনি so---(hate to say it)
photo--NASA how strange--The new "James Webb" telescope--now----how can this be-after explaing "Tarantula"---this comes along--perfect color match---"The Bumble Bee"--and fantasticly---the name 'Webb"--just like "Jack Webb--okay---?---there আপনি have it---another "anomaly' of মহাকাশ and time and other thing's--
That should "wrap" thing's up foe now--as any মাকড়সা might say--Twisted---isn't it---??
It is so nice when a few word's in combination with a picture of a "thousand" can explain so much--(one of the আরো honest ant true "OLD SAYING'S"-)-
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