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posted by RavenclawRocks
So yes, here I am, Megan Keynes (haha I wish) অথবা as I like to be called, "The Narnian Ravenclaw" going to start another প্রবন্ধ about my opioin, as I have done countlessly in the "Harry Potter vs Twilight" club. Why am I লেখা about Harry Potter instead of Narnia since I have constantly ব্যক্ত I প্রণয় both equally? Well in this club, I have noticed, there's seems to be Narnia fans, Harry Potter fans, অনুরাগী of both and Harry Potter haters. The hate is really strong. So I'm just going to explain why I প্রণয় Harry Potter.

The plot: Even the haters have to admit it. Harry Potter has a strong well though-out...
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