Harry Potter vs. Narnia Anyone noticed this?

Flora_Bloom posted on Jan 08, 2011 at 03:39PM
Harry Potter has been going on for ages....it's been compared to plenty of books in their time.... now someone's compared it with Narnia!
Narnian fans,realize what this means???

Narnia is being compared to a book that's been standing erect for ages....which means that Narnia is worth as much(and could be worth more than soon)as Harry Potter.

♦♦And I'm looking for proper replies,not the ones that are like,"Narnia was always better than HP." or things like that.If you do reply that,it's not you who's being disgraced but the side you support.Remember that!♦♦
 Harry Potter has been going on for ages....it's been compared to plenty of বই in their time.... no

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বছরখানেক আগে TempBest said…
Harry Potter is so good, people compare it with anything and everything. Although you should be very proud if your favourite series is being compared to the epic Harry Potter series. Narnia is one of the few books worthy enough to be compared to HP. :P
বছরখানেক আগে PeterPansgirl12 said…
Narnia beats Harry Potter dead on. Narnia is a classic and has some religious symbolysm and all around a great tale. Narnia is an enchanting and Harry Potter people should be happy they are being compared to it. I have read Harry Potter and it just isnt as magical and feel good as Narnia.
I think Harry Potter is more popular though because teenagers think 'Fairytales are for babies' when actually they are not.

You can learn a lot from Narnia while from Harry Potter you learn... how to be a wizard! which, is impossible in the real world.
In Narnia you can see the characters mature and get, bravery, leadership, courage and purity.
Narnia is an exciting tale and I think it is far better than Harry Potter.
sugarpalstar commented…
First: not everyone is religious, do not everyone is into that stuff. Second: Yes, and in Narnia আপনি learn how people go to flat worlds through wardrobes and become kings and queens there which seems আরো realistic? Third: same could be ব্যক্ত for Harry Potter. বছরখানেক আগে
Pinnipedi commented…
Okay I agree that Narnia is amazing, but it is a huge insult to say that all আপনি learn from Harry Potter is how to be a wizard. I wrote a পাঠ করা response on Harry Potter for school and it was really long. The series is full of symbolism and insight. বছরখানেক আগে
বছরখানেক আগে Flora_Bloom said…
People all have their own opinions,I guess.I'm a Narnia and HP fan,and if you asked me to choose,I'd never be able to.
One thing about Hp,though,the ending of the 7th book was expected by everyone,seeing as Harry just couldn't die,Voldemort had to.And also Good defeats Evil rule,you know.
And I've got to admit,the Ron/Hermione,Harry/Ginny relationships seemed too forced.I'd have preferred something that seemed more possible.Besides,Ginny never belonged with the Golden Trio.
And in Narnia,the fact that there were different children for each 2-3 books got on my nerves.I wanted the same few people,you get it?
বছরখানেক আগে Pinnipedi said…
Hey, but Narnia has been around a lot longer than Harry Potter, so don't you mean that Harry Potter must be good to be compared to Narnia?