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Infinite Corridor
Vocals: Tamura Yukari as Furude Rika
Lyrics: Ebata Ikuko
Composition: Ebata Ikuko
Arrangement: Oyama Yo

Even though spring is sublime and dreamy, it’s painful
I hide my determination in the depths of my chest and smile

I can see, I can see
The humiliation that I fully knew
The endless corridor
Continues, continues

Ah, the cry of the birds that ate the red fruit
Your mouth and your body
Are dyed দ্বারা the color of sins…

The truth is always cruel
And I want to cover my ears and eyes
I believe that my song will reach আপনি someday, hey
And let’s make the ফুলেরডালি of miracles bloom
On the dry ground...
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Rena Ryuugu

"It's so cute, I want to take it home!" - Signature quote
"Omochiikaeri~!" (I want to take it home!) - Signature quote
"Friends. Those companions আপনি speak of are only বন্ধু during those fun, yet unimportant times. When painful times come, they won't be your ally." - to Keiichi Maebara
"Kana? Kana?" (I wonder? I wonder?) - Signature quote
"USO DA!" (Translated as "LIAR!") - Signature quote (mainly directed to Keiichi Maebara)
"Found you, Keiichi-kun..." - to Keiichi Maebara
"Don't worry, I used the blunt end of the knife." - to Keiichi Maebara
"I’m the only one that can help you, Keiichi-kun....
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