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Song - If I Were Gay - Stephen Lynch জীবন্ত - Ouran High Host Club
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আপনি were always there for me, even when we would fight we are still brothers দ্বারা heart. Seeing people surround us, with pain in my হৃদয় and pain in your head, we stood দ্বারা each other like there was no tomorrow. অথবা at least that was what we thought in our heads.
"Yeah, don't worry we will get আপনি some help," I looked down at Kaoru and knew that if we didn't get help for him soon I would loose my brother. We could here the sounds of cars passing through the streets. Nothing had mattered আরো to me than getting my brother help. His blood would drip down the side of my hand, the same blood...
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I stared in horror as I watched the monitor for Haruhi go from beeping to one long beep. Knowing that something was wrong I tried to wheel myself closer to where she was. A couple feet away and a doctor walk in.
"OH NO!!!" the doctor said. "Nurse take this patient back to his room!! Now get me the staff before we loose this patient!!"
"NO!! Haruhi!!" I screamed. The nurse rolled me out into the hallway and back to my room. Why was Haruhi here? What happened last night? Why can't I remember?
And then it hit me. We were walking প্রথমপাতা from Renge's birthday party when Haruhi almost got hit দ্বারা a car....
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