Gamzee Makara

Authored by Chironagaa

Who is Gamzee Makara?

Gamzee Makara is one of the twelve Alpha timeline trolls on Alternia.

About Gamzee:

Gamzee is a kind, laid back troll. He has an addiction to eating sopor, a slimy substance used in recuperacoons, (Alternia's equivalent to a bed). The trolls submerge themselves in the sopor when they need to get rest. However, Gamzee is significant for being the only troll out of the twelve alpha trolls to actually eat the sopor. He also bakes the sopor into pies. When Gamzee goes a certain amount of time without consuming the substance, it gives him some pretty crazy withdrawal symptoms. He is called "Sober Gamzee" by fans when this happens.
Gamzee has black hair that is pretty much all over the place and white face paint. He leaves circles around his eyes and a smile shape around his mouth, making him look like a clown. He is wearing a black T-shirt with a deep purple Capricorn zodiac sign in the middle. He is also wearing black pants with grey polka-dots and purple shoes with grey tips. He has fairly large horns that have a wavy shape to them. His eyes always seem to be half closed, also indicating that he's pretty laid back. He almost always has a grin on his face with two large fangs sticking out and three regular teeth in between them.
Gamzee is 6 sweeps old (13 years old in human years.) His lusus is always out at sea, so Gamzee doesn't get to talk with him much. Almost every morning, Gamzee leaves his hive (house) for a while and waits at the seashore to see if his lusus will be there. 
Gamzee is morails with Karkat Vantas. Gamzee happens to flirt with Tavros Nitram sometimes, but they are never officially matesprits in the story.