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 Marzy Hart
Marzy Hart
Got a hankering for a little bloody humor? Then, you’ll probably want to check out the original web series, “SLICE.”

Created and directed দ্বারা Daniel Ferry, this horror meets dark comedy crossover stars Marzy Hart as a woman who can’t quench her thirst to kill. Marzy also produced the 7 episodes that make up the first season.

“SLICE” recently screened at Vancouver WebFest, earning a ‘Best Horror’ nomination, and will be heading to HollyWeb Fest as an ‘Official Selection’ later this month.

I recently caught up with Marzy Hart to find out আরো about “SLICE.”

How would আপনি describe...
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posted by victoriaprother
Carnival of Souls is a low budget horror movie released initially in 1962 and directed দ্বারা Herk Harvey. (Who also stars)
Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss) is the sole survivor of a fatal car accident following a drag race.
After the crash, Mary leaves town and takes a job as a church organist, but her new start is plagued দ্বারা visions of a ghoulish man (Herk Harvey). As her creepy visions intensify, Mary finds herself drawn to an oddly alluring, deserted carnival. The surreal setting and imagery that ensues within the carnival is nightmarish and memorable, reminiscent of many great horror movies.
Overall, Carnival of Souls is a stylish, eerie, effective and chilling horror film that has earned a devoted cult following.
posted by EllentheStrange
 The Last Exorcism Movie Poster #1
The Last Exorcism Movie Poster #1
I enjoyed the movie very much.It was creepy and scary and made me stay up half the night.It made আপনি think about the Devil and God and all of that stuff.As আপনি may অথবা may not know it was mockumentary horror film.It is not real footage,it is only a tease.It was made to look like real footage though.
So for thoughs of আপনি who are to scared to see it,here is the plot:

Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his wife and son. Raised as an evangelical pastor দ্বারা his father, he has been accustomed to performing exorcisms on "possessed" individuals. However, his faith...
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Hi again,

I thought the slasher-thing may be a little hard (it was for me, but if everyone else did alright with it, that's good). So I decided to try horror চলচ্চিত্র in general, cause it's a bit easier. Lol. Ok, here's my list...

A - Alien
B - The Bad Seed
C - Child's Play
D - The Descent
E - The Exterminator
F - Friday the 13th
G - Gingerbread Man
H - হ্যালোইন
I - In Hell
J - Ju-On
K - Killjoy
এল-মৃত্যু পত্র - Lake Dead
M - May
N - Night of the Living Dead
O - Orphan
P - Pet Sematary
Q - কুইন of the Damned
R - Rosemary's Baby
S - The Stepfather
T - Tomie
U - The Ugly
V - Vacancy
W - When a Stranger Calls
X - Black Xmas (It's all I could think of..X) )
Y - Young Frankenstein
Z - Zombie Planet
 Saw 6!
Saw 6!
It's so very exciting that I'm the অনুরাগী of the month! Thanks all আপনি guys and thanks Helen-Lover for the questions! :D

The Questions:

1. Whats আপনি ALL time পছন্দ Horror movie
Oh man! That is one of the toughest প্রশ্ন I can be asked these days! I cannot have just one, so some that might be my absolute পছন্দ are The Uninvited, The Skeleton Key, The Others অথবা Feast. I see so many চলচ্চিত্র that it is very hard to choose! :)

2. Whats your পছন্দ character from a horror movie & what is the movie the character is from?
Slashers and villains aside, my পছন্দ character might be Hot Wheels...
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 Death by.. escalator?
Death by.. escalator?
Death. Death death death death death death. That's what you'll get if আপনি go and see the new, and fourth in the series, Final Destination. I've been a pretty big অনুরাগী of the other films for a while, and so when I heard about this movie I thought it would be fun. And it was. Blood, bad acting, and আরো death is about all আপনি get in this flick though.

So the story goes, A kid named Nick and his বন্ধু are at a racetrack when a car spins out of control and everything goes to hell. Pretty much everyone dies, and then Nick comes back to reality to see that it was just a vision. They
leave, everyone...
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So, I've been on ফ্যানপপ for about a বছর and 3 months অথবা so now and in that time, I think I have only written maybe 1 অথবা 2 প্রবন্ধ so I'm not really familiar with these. But I had been thinking about doing this for awhile in this spot, and since it's 1 am it's the perfect time! I always come up with the best ideas when I'm supposed to be sleeping. So anyway, here is my তালিকা of শীর্ষ 10 পছন্দ horror movies. They might include some spoilers, so beware.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984

I প্রণয় this movie SO much! It's so weird because হ্যালোইন used to be my পছন্দ horror movie, but upon...
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posted by PoooBoo
1.Strange Noises:
As long as there are horror movies, there will be strange noises emerging from dark places. And as long as there are strange noises, there will be idiots who walk carelessly into the darkness to investigate them. Nine times out of 10, we refer to these people as "victims." This is a particularly mindless cliche, one which defies all sensible logic for the sake of racking up a body count. There isn't a circumstance in the world in which you'd convince a terrified teenager that exploring some bizarre clattering in the depths of a shadowy haunted house is in any way a worthwhile...
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 Get caller I.D. Saves আপনি alot of trouble.
Get caller I.D. Saves you alot of trouble.
WARNING:This is just some stupid joke প্রবন্ধ which আপনি really should not waste your time on.

Over the years I have seen countless horror movies. Everything from "Nightmare On Elm Street" to "Child's Play." From "IT" to "The Exorcist" And so on and so forth. If আপনি don't wanna sit through a 2 ঘন্টা flim here are the main points আপনি might pick up in a horror movie.

1)Don't take your eyes off a murder. They সরানো at the speed of light.

2)Just cause it's small doesn't mean its not deadly.

3)Yell "Help" all আপনি want. No one will save you.

4)Girls never wear bras in horror movies. It just isn't done.

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In these days people are very busy in their life. They hardly get time for enjoyment. They always find the sources to get relieve from their messy অথবা tedious life. Watching চলচ্চিত্র becomes one of the means of relaxation. It not only gives knowledge but also amuse them. There are hoards of films available on internet. There are many types of genres used in every flick.

Thriller is one such genre which keeps the audience attentive and on the edge of seats. In such types of films usually the protagonist is put in a problem consist of escape, task অথবা mystery. This mystery leads to a traumatic climax....
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I have decided tht it is time to share my মতামত of horror with fanpop, im pretty sure tht i am one of the biggest horror fans(obsessives) on FP. Anyways here are some real classics...

10. Friday the 13th Part 3
The best of the series and the introduction of Jason's trademark hockey mask.

9. Jeepers Creepers 2
This movie isnt really tht famous but it is very good, if আপনি can see it, আপনি wont be dissapointed.

8. The Final Destination Series
I guess they're not really horror, they're very edge of your আসন though. A must watch.

7. The হ্যালোইন Movies
Absoloutely essential for horror fans.

6. The Ring...
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I made link about half a বছর ago. My how things have changed. I'm sure in another 6 months অথবা so, I'll look back at this coming তালিকা and reconsider another article. But here I am...here we are! One thing আপনি will learn about me (and quick) is that I'm a person with a fickle mind - sure, I will always have my solid পছন্দ which will always be in my list, but they don't have a set number. I will change my mind whenever I feel like it. I don't LIE when I say "A Nightmare on Elm Street" is my পছন্দ horror movie, because it IS. It has been my number 1, my number 2, even my number 20. Things...
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posted by Cinnies4uk
I am a fun of horror remakes strangely, I enjoyed হ্যালোইন and Nightmare on elms রাস্তা almost to near perfection , the Evil Dead was em was just Okay-ish! It had a good metascore of 7.2 from আইএমডিবি so I knew it was worth seeing , which it wasn’t frankly. The plot has been done many times over and over since its original so আপনি would have that deja vu cliche feeling hanging around you. The story line in the beginning was not so clear but it made up for it with its superficial gore that kept me tuned whilst it sent some shrills down my spine. The dismemberment of the limbs was a little “SAW”...
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My name is Justin, and I created the Horror Movie Spot to post and discuss absolutely anything and everything to do with this peculiar genre. I will be posting some লিঙ্ক and প্রবন্ধ in a few days, so feel free to contribute anything you'd like:) Here are some topic starters I came up with:

-Silent films (i.e. Lon Chaney)
-Universal Monsters (i.e. Frankentein, Dracula, নেকড়ে Man)
-50s horror ("big bugs," teenage monsters)
-Zombies (Romero), werewolves, vampires
-Ghosts & hauntings
-Witches, occult, magic, Satan
-Aliens, sci-fi horror
-The concept of "the thing with no name"
-The Golden...
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Horror, as a genre, might be newer than horror that was used as a common medieval art form.
It is a form of art, one that instills fear, which has been used since ages to scare our fellow beings, through tales that affect the less logical segments of our brain.
Right from the witless ballads of the primitive world to the mystic myths of the present, we have always enjoyed lending our senses to fearful tales that come straight out of those sadistic minds that script such films for us.
Not only this, from the adrenalin that gushes up our blood tubes to the consequences of our daring to deny dreadful...
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 Give a gift that keeps on giving,Horror Movies!
Give a gift that keeps on giving,Horror Movies!
Hello all আপনি Zombie heads,Newborn Bloodsuckers and Wolftastic Wolfies out there! Thank আপনি SOOO much for bestowing on me the ultimate honor of Horror অনুরাগী of the মাস for June.You have NO idea of how proud this makes me!

How it all Started!
-The Exorcist my পছন্দ horror movie I saw when i was 10 years old I watched this and had nightmares for weeks!Oddly enough I loved the thrill of seeing who lived and how it would end!To be a অনুরাগী of horror আপনি MUST watch everything! no matter how crappy it looks,how old,or with subtitles অথবা not.Some of the best চলচ্চিত্র are from জাপান and Italy অথবা even older...
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This monday I was left all alone in my apartment when my family went to London, and Spain to have fun. So I decided to start a Japanese horror movie week!

Monday: Ringu a.k.a The ring.
This was a very good story with good execution, the scares were mild and it had few to no jumpscares. I like it betetr that way though, it really got under your skin in a different way!

Score: 8/10

Tuseday: Ju-on: The grudge.
Less story, আরো scares! This is the type of movie that makes আপনি scared of your enviroment! I don't want to turn around, open closets, অথবা go to বিছানা right now!
I would have liked a bit more...
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Thanks Francy for giving me such great questions! :D

1. How old were আপনি when আপনি got into Horror?
Well my horror obsession started with Scream, which came out in 1995, making me 8. So I'm pretty sure it was then. I was HOOKED! I saw the first one in the theater a few times, then had to see the 2nd and 3rd in theaters too. That pretty much started it all.

 Thank you, Wes Craven!
Thank you, Wes Craven!

2. Sequels অথবা Remakes?
Hmm that's tough. I'm one of the few who doesn't mind remakes, unless it's something like ANOES অথবা Friday the 13th. Those I think are unnecessary because every generation knows about those killers/movies,...
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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really never thought I would be the অনুরাগী of the month!!!!!!!!!!! I am really proud & happy, thankyou guys for voting for me! I প্রণয় Horror চলচ্চিত্র sooooooo much! Also thankyou Becca for making good প্রশ্ন for me to answer!!!!!!

Well here are the questions! :-)

1. The classic…what’s your all-time পছন্দ horror movie?:
I think we all already know that i absoulutly প্রণয় I KNOW WHAT আপনি DID LAST SUMMER!!!! I প্রণয় this move, it has great actors in it & I প্রণয় the story line!!!! It also has one of the best death scenes! But theres another movie that i really...
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So হ্যালোইন is coming up, right? Well, during this time of বছর my roommate and I always have our scary movie night on Halloween, and we've picked out some চলচ্চিত্র already:

The Omen

The Grudge



The Shinning

My current পছন্দ is The Omen, but since I've seen it so many times I don't really want to see it again. So if anybody has any পছন্দ they'd like to share with me, don't hesitate to!

Even after হ্যালোইন আপনি can keep commenting, I প্রণয় scary চলচ্চিত্র and I watch them almost every Friday. So if আপনি would, just post some of your favorites. I'd really appreciate it.