Hubbeo What shipping will arise first? *****SPOILERS*****

svu_lover1 posted on Apr 11, 2009 at 03:08PM
SO....what lucky shipping will become permanent first? Huddy? BB? EO??? What do you think?

I have a feeling that Huddy and BB will happen THIS SEASON, and I have from reliable sources (TV Guide Magazine) that BB will, quote, "Seal the deal in May," whereas at one of the TV awards (grammys, etc.) Lisa Edelstein dropped the bomb and let slip that she was preparing for her first-ever sex-scene with Hugh Laurie. She also mentioned that it would be THIS SEASON! She said ALL OF THIS in JANUARY!!! Which means, LOL, that Huddy Sex could happen any eppi now....hmmm....PLEASE DAVID SHORE PLEASE!!!!!!! *begs on bind knee*

Anyway, juicy Hodgela spoilers: Hodgins and Angela are supposidly supposed to join a dating web site, where the site thinks that they are a PERFECT MATCH, LOL...that was off-topic, but it WAS Bones, so i thought that i'd throw that in there too!

Sadly, EO does not seem like it will hapen ANY time soon...Damn you Dick Wolf...die Kathy and Dani...okay WOW that was like, sadistic or something...weird...i've been listening to fellow Dani/Kathy haters WAY too much...Anyway, Olivia has yet to tell Elliot about Sealveiw, so there will probably be LOTS of EO moments there...OMG i just remembered that i heard about was either a spoiler or a rumor, but i think that it was a spoiler from the Aussie Files that Olivia WILL TELL ELLIOT ABOUT SEAL VIEW THIS SEASON!!!!!

Okay, now that my excitement is wearing down, if you dont like any of these shippings that i just talked about, im sorry, but i had to for everyone who DOES like them...but this is a Huddy/BB/EO spot, so everyone who IS here should like all three...oh well, whatev. Tell me what you think! Who will be the first to...well, not tie the knot, get it! Also, if you want to, discuss any spoilers you heard about too!

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বছরখানেক আগে BeSafe said…
Well I think B&B will be first, of course Huddy could be depending on when they do it...dedicated Bones fans KNOW that in the Season Finale Booth/Bones are according to Hart Hanson be found in bed together, having sex...I don't know what this could mean for my ship and am slightly nervous but hopeful!!!!

My faith in EO is starting to dwindle, since contract negotiations have JUST STARTED and I'm not all too hopeful for CM & MH deciding to return next year, and if that is the case then they have FOUR episodes left to get them together, and I don't see that happening! But I HOPEHOPEHOPE I am wrong!

As for Huddy I can only cross my fingers and hope!
বছরখানেক আগে zubeerfaan said…
Spolier !!

spoilers are saying House and cuddy will have sex in episode 23
after 1 and half week
omg cant wait
বছরখানেক আগে elliotishot said…
E/O is my favrote ship!!! I will never give up on them! They gotta do it sometime. Maybe if (heaven forbid) its the final episode of SVU then yeah!!!