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posted by rue0613
Disclaimer: I don’t own House… whoopss… wrong disclaimer. I don’t own Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, because we have abolished slavery long time ago… But if somehow I can control their free will, Hugh Laurie will be divorced and they will be doing some smexy stuff right now.

Hello! Rue0613 here. As I ব্যক্ত in one of my post, I’m a FF writer, who specialize with Hameron. Yes, আপনি heard me right, I’m a Hameron fan, and now kinda Huddy fan… but a CRAZY HULI FAN!!! >:)
This is the first time I’ll be doing a real person FF. Oh, for those who are familiar with, I’ll...
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posted by huddyforever
It was a Tuesday morning when Lisa drove up into the House studio parking. She saw that Hugh was just getting in as well. "Morning!" Lisa ব্যক্ত getting out of her car. "Good morning!" Hugh ব্যক্ত in that charming British accent. His voice was so comforting to here. "Ready for a long দিন of shooting and re-shooting?" He asked as they walked across the parking lot. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be." She said. They walked into the studio, Hugh holding the 2 huge doors for Lisa along the way. "Morning, Lisa & Hugh." David কূল said. "We are going to start on the Huddy sex scene today so put a brave...
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posted by HuddyBea
I am trying to do it all. Keep checking. আরো are coming...
Ehm...I am not quite sure about this one thou. I mean, just tell me whether আপনি truly like this chapter, I am kinda হারিয়ে গেছে here this time. It's like I can't...feel them as I wish I were able to these days. Does this make sense to you? I am a little off my game I guess. Sorry if it's not the chapter of the year...


She got her breath, “Do আপনি really wanna know.... “ she started off, coldly panting a bit “Do আপনি really wanna know....what I think?”
Hugh’s eyes softened again.
“Yes please...” he said, squeezing her hand...
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Well, আপনি know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on ইউটিউব
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