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Can she ever stop talking about how perfect he is?? XDDD and besides they are really pushing her to say how she feels but she deflects দ্বারা saying: And he is married and with 3 children XDDD And OMG she's jealous about House XDDD
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posted by HuddyBea
Oh dear...a month?! I'm awfully sorry XD I didn't realize. Sorry, been always busy with school and then on vacation :P But on a bright note I have 4 chaps in a row ready for you. Hope আপনি like this one. It's getting messy....but things have to get worse before getting better :P as Lisa said. I promise it wont' end as House did tho ;) Keep the faith. It's gonna be explosive (well, I hope....did my best)

Diclaimer (I think it's নিরাপদ to put it every ones in a while): I know nothing about their life, Hugh অথবা Lisa অথবা whoever, this is just a crazy প্রণয় story one would wish it was true. Hope Hugh and...
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posted by maverickangel35
    Hugh looked up Monday morning when Lisa entered, script in hand, and sat in her chair near his. She looked up and saw him, and smiled brightly.
    “Good morning. Feeling better?” Hugh searched her face for traces of her uncertainty from a few days ago, but nothing remained. Lisa reached out and patted his knee.
    “I really am. Thank আপনি so much.”
    “Hey guys, আপনি ready to get started?” Greg walked up to them and gestured to the scene Hugh had in his hand. “We...
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