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O_O haha that is interesting :D
lisa edelstein
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Well, আপনি know... *faints* Credit to vovonat on ইউটিউব
slow motion
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lisa edelstein
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Hi Sinners! This is a little one-shot for আপনি all! Hope you´ll like it! Sorry for some লেখা mistakes, but english isn´t my first language….hope আপনি are not pissed off cause I don´t know the names of Lisa´s siblings অথবা if she has nieces অথবা nephews…so it´s just a little story to warm up your hearts and try to make আপনি smile, so I don´t care if it´s a little late maybe but merry বড়দিন an a happy new বছর to আপনি all!XD

What a beautiful morning. She woke up and smiled while looking out of the window. The garden was covered with snow and the children try to build a snowman....
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For those of আপনি who can't get the link to work (@tammy, possibly others as well):

Although she's part of FOX's mega-hit 'House,' Lisa Edelstein doesn't have a big head when it comes to work. She doesn't even get caught up in the story lines অথবা the spotlight, but she will put up the tab for lunch for her loyal set crew. Edelstein, who plays Dr. Cuddy, is going to have some serious mommy issues come January when 'Murphy Brown' প্রতীকী Candice Bergen rolls on set as her mother. The ringlet beauty spoke to PopEater about Hugh Laurie's accent, Lifetime চলচ্চিত্র and the excitement of working with a TV...
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**I পোষ্ট হয়েছে my first Huli fic earlier today and some people seemed to enjoy it, so I decided to bite the bullet and post this one as well. These are my first attempts at fanfic so let me know what আপনি think, would প্রণয় to hear your thoughts, enjoy.


For years now the rumours had been circling that a great প্রণয় affair was taking place between Hugh & Lisa. There is no denying that they have a very flirtatious chemistry, but it had never been আরো than that. Despite what the online rumour mill reported, they had never been anything...
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Damn it! I accidently reposted this and didn't want to...I just wanted to সম্পাদনা it, so don't read if আপনি already read it.

Last প্রবন্ধ that was similar to this I totally screwed it in a hurry with it and didn't go in full detail of the pictures so I'm trying again but this time I won't tell আপনি the differences...use your eyes and COMPARE and if I'm crazy well...I'm crazy then and really jumping to conclusions and I will take the criticism.

*HINT* They চুম্বন with microphone hanging over them and one with everyone walking around...and again, LOOK the pictures ARE different....
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Well, I AM going away for 5 days, so it's only fair of me to give আপনি a loooooooooong chapter :D
Thank আপনি for your reviews and I'm glad আপনি all enjoy the mess Hugh got into XD
As for the ones who ask themselves if this really is a dream, I won't say a thing, you'll see when I post the last chapter :D
chapter 3 is waiting for you:

As his daughter pulled him down the hallway, Hugh caught a glimpse of Lisa behind the almost closed door right পরবর্তি to the master bedroom. He heard the baby cries subside and he noticed a small wooden sign engraved with ‘Nicholas’, hung on the door.

The little...
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posted by huddyislove
নমস্কার there!!!
Thank আপনি for your awesome reviews!!!!!
I hope আপনি like this chapter as well :D
Love ya, sinners :D

He got out of the বিছানা and he shivered as he heard a baby cry. Was that Nick she was talking about? He shook his head. Nothing of this made sense.
He entered the bathroom and looked himself in the mirror. He was the same. Not younger, not older, the same scruff from yesterday evening. Strange. He looked around the bathroom. Lisa probably hired a decorator for it. Everything was symmetrical. Two sinks, four towels beside them, two smaller ones and two big ones. Two toothbrushes. A trimmer,...
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নমস্কার Huli beloved sinners!!! Time for your daily sinning dose. So I felt like লেখা some Huli rant and well it might lead to a multi chap. Only if আপনি ask for আরো :DDD I know আপনি want to :DDD Don't cha?

Well get পাঠ করা (:CCC

"Why are we doing this?" Lisa ব্যক্ত as she rolled to her left side to face Hugh.

"Why not? It's fun" Lisa sighed.

"It's not enough. I mean I do have fun. Hell, if I do! But that doesn't cover the fact that I feel like if something is wrong." Hugh sat up in the bed.

"That means we should stop doing it?" ugh ব্যক্ত giving Lisa a questioning look.

"I never ব্যক্ত that. I just...
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