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It was just a regular দিন and how is it a regular দিন without drama? Icelet just confessed to Silver that she liked him, in front of her two best বন্ধু Lance and Evolet that convinced her to do so.
"So," Icelet ব্যক্ত rubbing her arm, "you're not into me?" Icy could feel that her face truing red, not because she confronted her crush to him, but because of embarrassment.
"No... not really. Sorry Ice but I like Blaze. I thought everyone knew that" Silver explained looking at Icelet, Lance and Evolet.
Icelet hands started to form ice, due to how she felt, "Well আপনি know she likes Sonic, everyone does. So why can't আপনি just get her out of your mind?"
"... I'm not giving up on her just 'cause she's crushing on someone else." Silver said, although knowing that it may not be true.
"Ok... I'll try not to give up on you." Icelet ব্যক্ত as her face fell to the floor walking away heartbroken. With every step she took left a ice patch which meant that she was hurt bad.
Silver ব্যক্ত nothing, but sighed watching her walk away. Evolet rushed up to her almost falling on some of the ice she made, but kept her balanced. Lance kept his hands in his pockets watching Icelet and Evolet then stared at Silver and followed them.
"Ice?" Evolet began putting her hand on her shoulder, "ah god!" she screamed pain taking her back which was now half frozen.
"Sorry, I can't help it." Icelet apologized.
"I can't blame ya." Evolet ব্যক্ত rubbing her palm, "Anyways, what happen back there, I'm sorry we shouldn't have made আপনি do that."
Icelet stopped and turned around to see that Silver was gone, "He was gonna find out sooner অথবা later. Might as well tell him instead of rumors going around."
"True, but-"
"I don't want to talk about it anymore." Icelet cut in, "I just want to be alone for a while."
"Sure, আপনি can have all the time আপনি need. আপনি know where to find us if আপনি want to talk." Evolet reminded her, pointing to herself and Lance.
"Come on Ev, she wants some alone time." Lance ব্যক্ত putting his arm over her shoulder.
"See ya later, Ice." Evolet waved.
A few days later:
"There আপনি are." Blaze ব্যক্ত seeing Silver sitting in the docks, "Where আপনি been? I haven't seen আপনি in a few days."
Silver ব্যক্ত nothing and kept staring into space. "Ok what's wrong this time?" Blaze ব্যক্ত putting her hands to her hips.
"A couple of things." Silver replied.
"Well... what are they?"
"One of them is that আপনি like Sonic." Silver pointed out.
Blaze sighed, "Ok Silver I'm gonna be honest with you." she sat right পরবর্তি to him, "I only প্রণয় আপনি as a brother, আপনি always been there for me when we little. আপনি were my family."
Silver lowered his head, "And the সেকেন্ড thing is that Icelet likes me."
Blaze's eyes widened, "Icel- the one who protects the mystic emeralds? Likes you?" Wow." she finished.
"Yeah. But I told her I wasn't going to give up on আপনি and she ব্যক্ত she'll try not to give up on me." he replied.
"Why? What good does that do for you? She likes আপনি and you're just gonna leave her there?" Blaze asked.
"I like আপনি and you're leave me for Sonic." Silver replied trying to keep the harshness out of his voice.
"That's different." she explained, "Think about it, আপনি two have lots of things in common."
"Like what?"
"Well..." Blaze thought, "You're both physic."
"Kinda. I can see in the future whenever I want and she has to sleep and dream at the same time. Plus that's only one thing." Silver pointed out.
"Does it matter? If আপনি know her better then you'll see." Blaze explained, "Give her a chance before it's to late."
"Aright, I'll do it." Silver gave up, "But if Sonic hurts আপনি I'm gonna hurt him." Silver finished putting a fist in the air.
"I know how to take care of myself Silver." Blaze chuckled, "Now... go get her."
Silver nodded his head, stood up, and left to find Icelet.
Icelet sat on a meadow where the ঘাস flowed freely in the wind. She sighed while looking at stars which shinning brightly.
"Icelet?" Silver called out behind her.
Icelet jumped, but was still sitting down and turned around, "God আপনি scared me." she ব্যক্ত realizing it was Silver.
"Sorry." he apologized, "So what are আপনি doing out here so late?"
Icelet shrugged, "Nothing. Just looking at the stars, thinking about stuff."
"Oh. Can I যোগদান you?" he asked.
"I don't see why not." Icelet shrugged again.
Icelet scooted over to the right with her left leg over the other one, and Silver mouthed the word ok and sat পরবর্তি to her with both of his arms on his knees. Both were quite for a মিনিট অথবা so until Icelet broke the silence.
“Ok, I’m only saying this now but are আপনি just ‘cause আপনি feel bad for me?” She asked turning her head to face him.
Silver sighed, “Yes and no.”
Icelet gave him a confused look.
He turned his head as well to be facing her “Yes I feel bad for you, I turned আপনি down in front of Evolet and Lance which must have been embarrassing.”
Icelet scoffed, “you have no idea.”
“Anyways,” he continued, “I did that and I felt like a jerk. Also…”
“Also?” Icelet said.
“Well… I want to give us a chance. “He finished.
Icelet smiled,” is that ‘no’ part? “
“Yes.” He answered smiling দ্বারা seeing her do the same thing, “So, what do আপনি think?
Icelet took a moment biting her lips,”I’ll say… Blaze made আপনি do this?”
Silver’s smile disappeared and stammered,”N- yes.”
“So even if we do go out, you’ll still like her? Even though she’s gonna go out with Sonic?” Icelet asked with a straight face.
“Ok fine if আপনি don’t want to make it happen, আপনি can just say no.” He said, “But I know I already broke-“
Icelet stood up with clenched fists and আগুন was building up, “don’t even go there. Sure আপনি made me heartbroken but that doesn’t mean আপনি should-“
“I know how আপনি feel Icelet. Feeling heartbroken? Yeah, I’ve been there and I still am. With Blaze remember?” He explained, “She only loves me as a brother. I know she’s gonna go out with him, but at least I know she loves me. “
Icelet stood there saying nothing, looking the other way.
Silver stood up as well, “either way I tried, didn’t I?” he finished walking away.
Icelet sighed as she put out her আগুন and walked up him, “I didn’t know that’s how আপনি really felt. I’m sorry. “
“Yeah, I guess that’s another thing we have in common.” He ব্যক্ত stopping and turned around to see that Icelet was walking up to him.
“What’s the other thing?” she asked.
Silver replied smiling, “we’re both physic.”
” Oh, yeah.” Icelet did a short laugh, “so what did আপনি see in your future?”
“I’ve seen a lot of things, but I think the best one is about to happen.” He finished going up to her.
“I think,” Icelet ব্যক্ত smiling, staring into his eyes, stepping a little closer “mine is too.”
Silver smirked putting his hand under her chin, staring into her eyes, and lifting her face to his until their lips made contact. Both of them closed their eyes while they kissed which seemed for a lifetime. Icelet was the first one separate from each other’s grip.
Silver sighed, “I’m glad আপনি didn’t give up on me.”
“Are we just doing this ‘cause we feel bad for each other?” Icelet blurted out.
“You never stop asking questions, do you? But to answer it I guess we’re doing both. We feel bad for each other and we want to help each other দ্বারা being together.” He said.
“Sounds good enough to me.” Icelet replied going back to where she sat down to lie down.
Silver followed behind her lied পরবর্তি to her putting his arm around her shoulder.
“Ya know I kinda saw that this was gonna happen.” Icelet ব্যক্ত putting her head on his shoulder.
“You did? How come আপনি never told me?” he asked.
“I just wanted to see how we got together. At first I couldn’t believe ‘cause of what আপনি ব্যক্ত earlier, but when আপনি told me that something new was about to happen, I knew that I was right. Plus if I did tell you, আপনি wouldn’t believe me.” Icelet explained.
“Eh true.” Silver shrugged,
“Yeah.” Icelet ব্যক্ত sitting up looking at the stars, tearing up, but smiling,
“You o.k.?” Silver asked sitting behind her, putting his arms around her waist.
Icelet sniffed, “yeah.”
“Then how come you’re crying?”
”They’re happy tears.” She replied.
“Ok, why are আপনি happy crying?”
“I thought I would always be alone forever, I lived alone and I’d die alone. I had to make sure the mystic emeralds were ok, making sure nothing got in my way, wow I’m starting to sound like Blaze. Anyways I always thought I was a freak with my fire, ice, and physic powers. For god’s sake my আগুন is blue! I had no one to turn to every time I needed someone.” Icelet explained and took a deep breath, “When I was little, I made a wish on a তারকা that I would have a family. I waited and waited until I figured out that there was no one out there. And then আপনি came, along with your friends. আপনি told me how Blaze and I were kinda the same, although I don’t have an attitude don’t tell her I ব্যক্ত that and that I don’t live in a দুর্গ and whole bunch of stuff, but still. I almost killed someone that I cared about ‘cause I learned that I could turn into a super form. And-“
Silver kissed her in mid track and pulled off, “you’re not alone anymore.” He ব্যক্ত rubbing his hand across her cheek.
“Yeah and I can thank the তারকা for that.” She ব্যক্ত wiping the tear off and looking at the sky.