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A new তারকা in my life has been born

Our beautiful baby boy Jude was born on the 20th of May 2011, my wife was the real star. We had a very very stressful pregnancy and Renee made it even though it was a traumatic delivery with an emergency C section. Everyone seems to be recovering quiet slowly.

We are now 5 plus Tess our lovely king charles. One আরো and we can start a band ahahahha.

I'm such a proud husband and Dad really. I'd better stop there as i cried all night.......

প্রণয় আপনি all x

Boy oh boy, are আপনি girls in for a treat. Beyond a treat. আপনি are in for one of the most beautiful days we’ve ever had on Style Me Pretty, which says a lot since I try so hard to make every দিন really beautiful on SMP. The cute, cute, way-too-talented duo over at Belathee sent us today’s featured affair. And when I tell আপনি that it’s gorgeous. Well, that’s kind of like the understatement of the century. Designed দ্বারা the FABulous Hatch Creative Studio and planned দ্বারা the equally fabulous Annie Lee of Daughter of Design, this is the wedding of David Miller, one of the voices behind Il Divo,...
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If one band sums up Valentine's দিন down to the last petal on a ridiculously priced red rose, it is Il Divo. They're incredibly attractive, sing romantic songs for a living and are, let's face it, just a little bit cheesy. (They're the quattro fromaggio of pop opera.) But when The Diary's reluctant Valentine's correspondent, Sarah Whyte, caught up with US tenor David Miller yesterday, he told us (please insert gasps of righteous anger here if you're a V-day convert) that he was ''not necessarily a fan'' of Valentine's Day. Quelle horreur! This is a man who has performed in more...
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Il Divo: প্রণয় Songs Inspired দ্বারা the Film Andalucía


1. Time To Say Goodbye
2. আপনি Raise Me Up
3. Hero
4. Mama
5. Nella Fantasia
6. Dentro Un Altro Si
7. Without you
8. Ti Amero
9. Adagio
10. Have আপনি Ever Really Loved A Woman
11. La Vida Sin Amor
12. Every Time I Look At You

Japanese original greatest hits album release from Il Divo including songs "Time to Say Goodbye," "Unbreak My Heart," and more. Limited edition available only until 6 মাস from its release তারিখ (subject to change).

Here is the web page: link
 Handsome Vittorio
Handsome Vittorio
Hi everyone, from I had read, the Italian Tenor was originally be part of the line-up. But decline to pursue a solo career instead, so here are my thoughts on whether he should be part of the band অথবা not.

Yes, He Should!

I personally think that he should be part of the band, because Italy is famous for their well-known tenors. So he is the perfect candidate, and I was very disappointed that he decided to leave in the first place!
He would be considered as the youngest member of the gang if he had not leave.

No, He Made the Right Decision

Since he was already well known prior to Il Divo, he would not be part of the band. If this was so, it would alienate many of his fans, and not to forget Il Divo's অনুরাগী who grew a liking on the quartet themselves. So, he made the right decision!


If আপনি think that he should be in the band, I don't mind at all!
 Please welcome him!!
Please welcome him!!
Hello to all of you. It has been a very long time since I have had the time to write you, for which I appologize.
I am currently very happy because we are working on a new album which will hopefully be released very soon. We all hope আপনি enjoy this new work as much as the পূর্ববর্তি ones.

I have an official and personal announcement to make. As আপনি are probably already aware off, Kim Sharma and I are no longer together anymore and it has been officially announced today in the Indian newspapers. One thing the newspapers did not mention is that Kim Sharma has already married a multimillioner from...
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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Firslty thank আপনি so so much for being so many to think about my birthday... even my বন্ধু forgot..ahah.
We really miss আপনি but we have now reached the impossible dream which is an amazing album but let's keep the surprise and i promise আপনি will.....
Anyways again thank আপনি for thinking about me.
I don't have a blog as yet but i decided to go on Facebook, so guys so that আপনি know this page below where i put the link is the only one the others are people that are pretending being me so please erase and ignore the others.
I will also get on Twitter soon and i will be up to তারিখ yeahhh even as old as i'm getting.
I've just post something on my page can আপনি please help me and feel free to give me your মতামত help on ফেসবুক etc.....
প্রণয় to আপনি all,
Seb xoxo
posted by Gabys
Quartet tone rangers: Il Divo in Abu Dhabi

Their female অনুরাগী pull their pants off on stage and follow them around the world. Now the oh-so-sexy quartet are set to charm their অনুরাগী in the UAE. Sebastien Izambard, one quarter of Il Divo, talks about their rise and dreams

I’d like to say it’s the building crescendo at the end of Nella Fantasia which rocketed operatic pop quartet Il Divo’s debut album to the শীর্ষ of the album charts, knocking Robbie Williams off his usual pedestal.

But let’s be frank. While সঙ্গীত touches people in special ways, I’m pretty sure it’s the steamy, good looking...
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FINALLY we have our own little প্রথমপাতা back on the web, this one is a work in progress with some of our সাম্প্রতিক shots in the studio to প্রদর্শনী আপনি where we have been hiding all this time...hahaha...working hard on the new album. Sebastien, Urs, David & I are so happy with how it’s turned out; we just can’t wait for আপনি to hear it. We really think it will be one of our best albums…….. and we hope আপনি will like it as much as we all do. It was so wonderful to see alot of আপনি again at the BRITS last week and we are so appreciative of your constant support after all this time....Artist of the Decade, wow! We were so honoured and we owe it all to you! We really cant wait for the fun ride this year, there is so much coming up, so stay tuned... Hugs & Kisses xx Carlos
Today Is The Day! - A blog from Urs

Today is the day: Our first প্রদর্শনী at the লন্ডন Coliseum! Everything we've done over the last few weeks has lead up to this moment.

We visited the venue back in may and got the grand tour দ্বারা the technical manager Dewi who has been working in this theatre for আরো than 30 years. Of course he had a lot of stories to tell. He showed us the seats where the phantoms usually sit and watch the shows... Anyway, we're very excited to perform in this iconic theatre and প্রথমপাতা of the English National Opera.

We have been pretty much away from the public eye after we'd finished...
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Hello everybody. We are back in লন্ডন in the UK where it all started. We just got the fantastic news that we will receive the award for 'artist of the decade' at the Classic Brits, an unexpected honor for us and we are all very excited about it. The UK is where it all began, where the people first embraced our সঙ্গীত and gave us the confidence to reach out further into the world. Since then we've been working relentlessly and have been to pretty much every corner of this planet, which has been an incredible ride for us, and hopefully a great experience for the audiences in all the different...
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IL DIVO set to perform in Ireland at Kilruddery Festival this August

Il Divo are set to perform for one intimate evening at Kilruddery House & Gardens on Friday, August 19, 2011, as part of the Kilruddery Festival in Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland . The stunning 17th Century surroundings of Kilruddery House, with its natural amphitheatre, manicured gardens and ideal picnic areas, will open its doors to what promises to be a special প্রদর্শনী in a truly spectacular and intimate setting. To learn আরো about the Kilruddery Festival, an annual event that saw Jose Carrerras closing last year's season, go here.

Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 11 at 10 am, both online and at Xtra vision stores nationwide throughout Ireland.
IN “La Bohème,” the প্রেমী Mimi and Rodolfo are pried apart দ্বারা disease, poverty, failure of nerve and, ultimately, death. When Sarah Joy Kabanuck and David Miller played the roles on Broadway in 2003, some strange magnetism seemed to be forcing them together.

“There was a moment of connection, but it was so intense that we couldn’t be friends,” Ms. Kabanuck, now 30, ব্যক্ত of their initial encounters. “Our time together was nothing but awkward.”

Like the conflicted characters they played, they faced many obstacles to happy romance. It wasn’t all that operatic (though he did lose...
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Due to জনপ্রিয় demand this morning, a সেকেন্ড প্রদর্শনী has been added for Il Divo in London, UK!

On August 1, Il Divo will be performing a সেকেন্ড প্রদর্শনী at the iconic লন্ডন Coliseum, accompanied দ্বারা the world famous Royal Philharmonic সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান Orchestra.

As part of this special performance, Il Divo will unveil songs from their eagerly anticipated new album, set for release this November, including the sensational Dov'e L'Amore, which they recently debuted at the Classic BRIT Awards.

Presale tickets for this প্রদর্শনী are available right now through our Official অনুরাগী Store.

To purchase your tickets click...
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A Musical Affair

Il Divo's first compilation of songs inspired দ্বারা Broadway shows such as Phantom of the Opera, Carousel and West Side Story and features amazing duet partners Barbra Streisand, Kristin Chenoweth, Nicole Scherzinger, Heather Headley and Michael Ball.

1. Memory (con Nicole Scherzinger)
2. Can আপনি Feel The প্রণয় Tonight (con Heather Headley)
3. Bring Him Home
4. Tonight
5. All I Ask Of আপনি (con Kristen Chenoweth)
6. Some এনচ্যান্টেড Evening
7. Who Can I Turn To?
8. Who Wants To Live Forever
9. You´ll Never Walk Alone
10. If Ever I Would Leave You
11. প্রণয় Changes Everything (con Michael Ball)
12. The সঙ্গীত Of The Night (con Barbra Streisand)
posted by Gabys
Il Divo to যোগদান Vietnamese beauties in contest final

The renowned multinational vocal group IL Divo will give a one-night performance at the final round of the Miss Vietnam World contest at tourism paradise Vipearl Land-Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa province) on August 21, the event’s organizers have announced.
IL Divo will warm up performances দ্বারা the Vietnamese beauties at the contest under a contract recently signed with the event’s organizers.

The band themselves are eager to be present in such an event.

Carlos Martin, who represents the vocal group, ব্যক্ত they have heard much about beautiful, peaceful,...
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Hello Guys,

I have been offered to mentor Joseph from Toploader for Popstar to Operastar, I had such a great time with him.

আপনি have to vote for him this sunday. It was my first experience as a mentor i loved it.. it's such a great opportunity to talk about il divo and the experience of being a pop singer and learning through out the years from Carlos, Urs and David. I could then easily help Joseph because of my back ground in the pop world and also because of my 3 বন্ধু who i thank very much for sharing there knoweleges with me over the years.

Lots of love,


PS: I hope to see আপনি soon again on TV for আরো opportunities
Hello this is IL Divo,

We want to wish আপনি all a happy new বছর 2011 and the great news is that আপনি will be sick of seing us this বছর yeahhhhhh we are back....
I hope আপনি had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was simple and wonderful, at প্রথমপাতা in লন্ডন with the family and the 31st well বিছানা time early because the kids are awake way too early but it was really nice though.
Well after all that খাবার it's time to go back jogging for me lol
I'm working on the Blog but god it is not simple some বন্ধু told me wordpress was the best but it is a headache to put that in place so ভালুক with me i'm on it. দ্বারা the end of January i should have something nice where now and then i can tell আপনি আরো about us 4 and the Izambard s হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ
প্রণয় to আপনি all and may 2011 brings আপনি back Il divo and all your wishes.
Asunto: Hola a todas y todos de Carlos

Bueno antetodo....muchas gracias por las felizitaciones soys un encanto
Os contare un poquito como va Il Divo, ahora mismo estamos acabando de grabar el nuevo disco que espero que os guste...pero siento decir que no saldra a la venta hasta el año que viene খড় dos fechas previstas dependiendo de la promocion mundial que podamos hacer... una fecha seria Febrero o Marzo, y la otra Octubre o Noviembre 2011 ya se que es mucho tiempo pero hemos querido traer el mejor disco de todos y probar nuevos productores por todo el mundo y eso requiere muchos viajes...
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MARCH 2012

24th March -- Stockholm, SWEDEN -- The Globe

25th March -- Copenhagen, DENMARK -- ফোরাম

27th March -- Berlin, GERMANY -- O2 World

28th March -- Oberhausen, GERMANY -- König Pilsner Arena

29th March -- Antwerp, BELGIUM -- Sportspaleis

APRIL 2012

1st April -- Glasgow, UK -- SECC, Hall 4

2nd April -- Newcastle, UK -- Metro Arena

4th April -- Belfast, UK -- Odyssey

5th April -- Dublin, IRELAND -- O2

7th April -- Sheffield, UK -- Motorpoint Arena

8th April -- Liverpool, UK -- Echo Arena

10th April -- Bournemouth, UK -- International Centre (Windsor Hall)

11th April -- Brighton, UK --...
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