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"Unacceptable," the Purple Tallest ব্যক্ত sternly. "It has been 3 days and Planet Earth is still on radar."
"It was your idea to send Ume to Earth." red Tallest replied. "But do not fear, I'm sure she has everything under control. I know Ume; she's a very determined Irken."
"You know her?"
Red Tallest nodded. "She's a voluntary social adviser."
"In that case, bring me her Irken files. I must know আরো information on this female..."


OC/Invader Name: Ume ("Blossom of the Plum") (Oo-may)
Creator: Lolly4me2
Home Planet: Irk
Current Location: Earth
Current Residence: Base of Invader Zim
Assignment: "Assist...
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 The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
The Image of Zero and Z-9 on Lard Nar's Screen
SCENE 1 - Planet Vort

Vortian: Sir, We have finished the Irken Death Device.

???: Excellent.....

A Big Screen pops out. And it has a picture of Zero and Z-9 on it.

???: These two are our greatest threat, they have wiped out 12 of our armies together. 12 STINKIN' ARMIES, CAN আপনি BELIEVE THAT MEAT FACES?!?

Vortian: I Can!

???: Destroy that guy.

Guards প্রদর্শনী up and capture the vortian and kill him.

???: That was the wrong guy, but, who cares. I, Lard Nar of the Resisty, will dispose of those two, They will no longer threaten us.


The enterance to Zero's base opens.

Zero: This is my Base....
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