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As we all know, the iTunes চলচ্ছবি are DRM protected and can't be played on any Non-Apple devices. It would discourage the Android অথবা other kinds of device users buying আরো চলচ্চিত্র from iTunes store. What's a big lose to Apple!

But look at this, Non-Apple devices user. TunesKit studio has released a powerful iTunes DRM removal app for আপনি to resolve this issue.

TunesKit DRM Media Converter is a powerful iTunes DRM removal and M4V to MP4 converter for both Windows and Mac users. With this powerful tool, we can easily get rid of the annoying DRM protection from iTunes movies, TV প্রদর্শনী episodes,...
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As many of আপনি might have already realized some annoyances brought দ্বারা iTunes 12 that have prevented us from using the new version smoothly, here are some useful tips to get rid of the annoyances with ease.

Show Missing Side Bar

To get back the missing sidebar on iTunes 12, আপনি can simply choose a media লাইব্রেরি দ্বারা clicking the প্রতীকী at the top-left of the window and then click Playlists in the navigation bar. Then the side bar will display while প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে the currently selected media লাইব্রেরি plus all your playlists.

Get Back Older Info Window

On iTunes 12, the info window gets a little bit different...
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 Seattle’s the hotspot for Elijah Jones expected album anticipated to release in 2019
Seattle’s the hotspot for Elijah Jones expected album anticipated to release in 2019
Recently Elijah Jones had released a দেওয়ালপত্র on his YouTube channel with a quote expressing “ if they don’t like আপনি at your worst, then they don’t deserve আপনি at your best” it was unsure whether অথবা not this could release the idea that Jones will be having a new album অথবা new song however, it sure gave us clues and had us all wondering what it means. Recently in an interview with new সঙ্গীত at K-pop it was announced that five new albums will be set in Seattle Washington and rumor claims that if Jones will have a new album it will be set in Seattle.
 load ibooks to Tuneskit
load ibooks to Tuneskit
The iBooks we bought from iBook store are all DRM protected as the iTunes movies, audiobooks. They are also limited to read on আপেল devices and software only.

Is there any solution to help মর্দানী স্ত্রীলোক Kindle users read the iBooks on the Kindle freely?

Of course there is. To read iBooks on Kindle, আপনি have to remove the iBook DRM protection at first. link and link are the most জনপ্রিয় iBook DRM removal applications we can choose in the market.

Differences between TunesKit iBook Copy for Mac and Requiem

1. Requiem is a piece of freeware which is well-known দ্বারা many people. But it's out of development...
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I really mean it! What would আপনি be able to do if SOPA/TPP censors the internet? What would আপনি be able to do if লেখা fanfics and drawing fanarts become illegal? What would আপনি do if it's illegal to do a cover of your পছন্দ song on YouTube? What would আপনি do if downloading things from the internet (music, movies, TV episodes, etc) became illegal? What would আপনি do if SOPA/TPP wins the war and takes away internet freedom? Net Neutrality is already dead so far, we can't risk the freedom of internet...
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