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we all know that jack skellington is fascinated with বড়দিন and that he Scared most of the kids in হ্যালোইন town except for one child wait there is child in বড়দিন town that liked one of the হ্যালোইন toys? Well I am going to tell her story right now Twas a long time পূর্বে a Mermaid in white টুপি উপসাগর had layed an egg and thegg had hatched This baby girl was not just a siren but she was born a বড়দিন অ্যাঞ্জেল she had the choice weather she wanted to stay in white টুপি উপসাগর with her pirate mom and dad অথবা weather she wanted to go to বড়দিন town she chose বড়দিন town to have a better life...
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yardsellr is a website that allows the purchase of various items for possibly free দ্বারা collecting a daily amount of " photons" used as a discount . আপনি collect these দ্বারা logging in with your ফেসবুক account আপনি recieve a daily amount upon login, usually a dollars worth. but আপনি can also purchase items with money but the photons are merely used to be a discount of the total price , after including shipping , and they have an entire section on jack skellington and other nightmare before বড়দিন items this is the link to that section : link
 Totally cute Skeleton Jack Earrings দ্বারা Scumrags
Totally cute Skeleton Jack Earrings by Scumrags
To all the Boys and Ghouls who প্রণয় Jack Skeleton and fiends... I have the perfect pair of earrings for আপনি right now on Ebay. Although I have listed only one pair, I am able to do আরো if I get the order soon enough and I can even get আরো characters than just Skeleton Jack!

খুঁজুন Ebay for either "Skeleton Jack Earrings"
অথবা my Ebay name

If আপনি want to buy আরো than one pair I can arrange a discounted rate according to how many pairs আপনি want.

When asked how he felt about being on an Earring the Skeleton Jack figurine replied, "outrageously awesome". At least he would have, if he new how to talk.

But seriously. NO one else has any earrings like this so আপনি should totally consider buying Scumrag's Jack Skeleton Earring Originals!
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Scumrags Punk Rock Clothing Co. Logo