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This Jackson Rathbone & Ashley Greene ছবি contains নিতকনে and রানীর সহচরী. There might also be প্রতিকৃতি, ধনু, and চতুর.

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This is my longest chapter yet and is deddicated to my sister who told me to post my stories on the net. Enjoy!

Nahul was standing opposite me and the rest of us but there was a problem, behind Nahul there was a pack of sixteen blood thirsty, red eyed vampires.
“It’s just like Victoria,” I heard dad mutter, automatically placing himself in front of mum and I. I had heard about Victoria before, the crazed vampire who had wanted to kill my mum when she was human; she had created an army of newborn ভ্যাম্পায়ার and my dad had eventually ripped her head off with the help of Seth (my best wolfish...
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This chapter is for Holly_Twilight. Thankz!

As we pulled up at the Denali covens house Jacob helped me out of the car and then carried me in the house.
“Nessie, Bella, Alice, Rose, Esme;” Kate called as she came running out of the house “guess what, Garret proposed!” she squealed as she skidded to a stop besides Jacob and me.
“Sorry Jacob, but I’m going to be needing all the girls for the time being,” she giggled, “Oh Ness, I knew আপনি would be bad but আপনি look awful honey!” she ব্যক্ত sympathetically.
“Kate, I think I want to stay with Jacob, if that ok with you. But congratulations...
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Here is chapter 3 of My True Love. Please go to my পরিলেখ to rate and leave মতামত THANKS!!!

I was shocked at the sight I saw when I woke up. Everybody was rushing around carrying heavy bags and fancy looking equipment to the cars outside.
“Jasper?” I called, I was anxious to know what was going on and I knew that he was the only one who would give me a straight answer. He was at my side before I could blink.
“What is it that আপনি want Nessie?” he asked with a warm but not quite genuine smile.
“What is happening?” I whispered “I just woke up and I can’t see mum অথবা dad...
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