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posted by emphasisBRANDI
 (obviously, i like josh wayyyy more)
(obviously, i like josh wayyyy more)
Okay, I just joined this ফ্যানপপ thing because i saw something about josh peck on here. now im sure he doesn't read this crap, i dont think i would if i were a celebrity, but whatever. josh peck is the funniest person i've ever seen on tv. i've enjoyed watching him from the amanda প্রদর্শনী to পাতিহাঁস & josh and now to drillbit taylor. (which দ্বারা the way, i almost exploded when i saw how gorgeous he looked). my friend thought alex frost was hot and we had an argument about it. (i won.) anyways, josh's looks are the entire reason why i প্রণয় him. from my point of view, he seems like he'd be an amazing...
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