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End of Chapter 19

"It's nothing আপনি need to worry about now, Jacob." I said, doing my best impression of my father's voice. "In a few years if আপনি don't...well, I'll explain later."

"What am I suppose to get from that? Is he trying to say it's some stupid puberty, coming of age thing? This is something else. Something's wrong Bella." I ব্যক্ত as I bit my lower lip, my hands clenched into fists again.

"Oh, Jake, it'll be okay!" She ব্যক্ত as she smiled at me, trying to make me smile back at her. "If things get worse আপনি can come live with me and Charlie. Don't be scared, we'll think of something."

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posted by just_bella
End of The Return
***Alice's POV***

I walked slowly to Jasper, thinking about what he had said, processing each word. When I got to his side I wrapped my arms around him, holding him as tightly as I could. I turned my head to the right and saw what I'm guessing Tallulah had seen originally, the Volturi rushing our meeting room, and heard the fight and screams that came along with it. I tried squeezing my eyes shut, to forget what I had just seen, but I knew that I had to look the other direction. I looked to the left and saw my family, along with Tallulah running, going from place to place..always...
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End of Chapter 12

"Alice just saw Bella jump off a cliff." Jasper said, his tone making me আরো angry.

I turned back and glared at all of them, none of them were as close to Bella as I was/am. It made me angry that they weren't taking this আরো serious, how could they all be so rude.

"Someone should call him." Rosalie said, a smile showing.

"NO! No one calls Edward! I have to figure out what happened first." I ব্যক্ত as I turned and glared at all of them.

"NO ONE CALLS EDWARD! I mean it! Let me find out what's going on, then we can figure out what to do." I ব্যক্ত as I zipped the luggage closed....
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 3
***Emmett's POV***

"You want to go left here, and সরানো fast if possible..they have a patrol that walked this hall often. Go Now." Tallulah said, and in that one moment I knew that she wasn't trying to trick us..that she wanted us all to get out safe.

I looked over at Carlisle who nodded slightly as he stepped out into the hallway, moving carefully but trusting Tallulah. He quickly looked around the corner, his head coming back quickly as he nodded, all of us fallowing him around the corner and through another tunnel on the left.

We ran in silence, the only sound that of Tallulah...
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posted by just_bella
Hmmmmmmm well where does this story go now? I am honestly not sure, so let's find out together!!

End of Chapter 36

"WOO HOO!!" Emmett teased as he walked in and saw some of the...more private pieces of clothing. I turned and glared at him, loosing any anger I had when he winked at me and raised his eyebrows.

"Very appropriate." Rosalie ব্যক্ত as she smacked him in the arm.

"Oops, sorry." Emmett ব্যক্ত softly.

"It's ok Emmett." Alice ব্যক্ত as she smiled.

"Did আপনি get anything other then clothes?" I asked as she stuffed her clothes back in the bag.

"Yes, I....we got a dresser, a couch, and a bed. They...
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posted by just_bella
নমস্কার all!! Just wanted to say that I think I'm going to just write Jasper and Emmett tonight. I will post the Alice's tomorrow...lol...ok for those of আপনি who know me আপনি know I'll probably do আরো then just those two!! We'll see...anyway...here's the পরবর্তি Emmett!!
Thanks and luv আপনি all!!

End of Part 43

"Let's go hunt." Edward ব্যক্ত as he jumped up and offered me his hand. As I took it I grabbed a handful of snow and when he helped me up I stuffed the snow down the back of his shirt.

He wiggled and screamed as the snow slid down his skin, true that it wasn't much colder then we were but it was...
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posted by just_bella
Thanks to everyone..it seems that this story has quickly become a favorite. That's awesome!! Thank আপনি again!!

End of Part 37

I turned and began looking for some of the clothes that Esme and Rose had bought for me. I found a pair of pants, shirt, জ্যাকেট and under clothes set out on the dresser. I turned to smile at her as I pulled the clothes on.

She stood up, letting the sheet drop to the floor. She grinned, knowing that she was making this very difficult for me. I smiled at her as she walked into the closet and began pulling clothes on.

"Emmett love, will আপনি hand me the steamer trunk?"...
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This is the last one for tonight, I'll write আরো tomorrow. THANK আপনি EVERYONE!!

End of Chapter 32

I heard Bella say something very quietly, but never heard Edward respond. I knew that they were directly behind me, meaning that the two guards were at the end. Not the way I would have planned things, but for now we had to accept the choices that were made for us...and watch for the ones we could decide for ourselves.

"Well, Alice. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to see আপনি here." Edward said, trying to comfort Bella.

"It was my mistake, I figured it was my job to set it right." I replied.

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End of last entry:

"I'm here to help your first few days easier...if that's possible. I was told that আপনি have a sister?" She asked.

"Yes, her name is Cynthia and she's 6. We're eachothers world, I don't know how I will be able to be here without her." I ব্যক্ত as I started to cry again.

I'm sorry, I can't continue this is too hard to write. I have to go inside now, the ডিনার ঘণ্টা is ringing and Nancy will be mad if I am late. I will write আরো tomorrow when I have time alone again."

That's all that was written, aparently someone was trying to make this transition easier on me. I thought that...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 16

"Yes love, I am your aunt...and will be your guide through the darkness to come." She ব্যক্ত as she moved to sit পরবর্তি to me on the floor.

"What is coming?" I whispered.

"Well it could be many things, that will be your choice." Elise said.

"So I have to choose my own path? But I won't be alone?"

"No আপনি will not be alone, আপনি have many teachers. Luna will be your guide, your aunts will প্রদর্শনী আপনি the world of nymphs, Maxine will teach আপনি of the animal lore and Michael." Dale ব্যক্ত as he turned and looked at Michael. "Michael will be your confidant and travel companion."

To hear that...
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posted by just_bella
Alright...time for the story of how they got in. Hope আপনি all like it, thanks!!

End of Chapter 67

She looked at me for a মিনিট before opening the door, not really sure what I was doing. She had the door about half way open when Emmett walked in, sweeping her off her feet as he pulled her close and kissed her.

"I missed আপনি babe." He ব্যক্ত in between kisses.

A few সেকেন্ড later Esme, Alice and Jasper walked in, Esme and Carlisle quickly moving off to the side to have a private reunion. Alice walked over and checked on Bella, running her fingers through Bella's hair as they hugged each other.

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posted by just_bella
Hey, ok this is for those of আপনি who are "Gabriel" fans...hope people enjoy!


I felt the plane take off, the entire experience much আরো frightening when আপনি were blindfolded. I gasped as we climbed, the engines making strange noises as we went higher. It was very strange for the rest of the flight, I knew that Gabriel was still sitting পরবর্তি to me...but he never ব্যক্ত another word..until the flight started to begin it's decent.

"Bella, we're here." He ব্যক্ত as he laid a gentle hand on my arm. "Time to wake up."

I guess that I hadn't realized that I had fallen asleep, I guess that I did truly...
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posted by just_bella
Ok, here we go. This will answer quite a few people's প্রশ্ন from the last chapter. Hope everyone enjoys, thanks all for everything!!!
luv ya all!!

End of Chapter 30

We departed the plane as and quickly found a taxi that was waiting at this early ঘন্টা of the morning. I quickly told the driver that we needed to get to Dumbarton Castle, and would pay double what he wanted if we could get there as fast as possible. He grinned, saying that he would have us there within an hour, and both Alice and I were surprised as we pulled in front of the দুর্গ noticing that it was completely uninhabited....
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End of Chapter 12

"Carlisle?" James asked, I could almost make out his face in the light that poured down the grate.

"Go! Tell the others." I yelled as the vampire took another step, closing the distance between us to mere feet.

"You are not afraid?" It asked as it stepped পরবর্তি to where I stood.

"No." I said, my হৃদয় pounding uncontrollably.

"You lie," He laughed as he rested a hand on my shoulder. "You should have listened to my warning Carlisle."

I was about to say something when I heard the sound of James coming back down the ladder, and while I looked up the best took advantage and attacked...
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hi all!!! i just thought i should write আপনি all a message to let আপনি know why i haven't written. truth if the situation is that i had surgery on my left arm last friday, i have a huge bulky thing on my arm...which makes typing no fun at all. So i ask that আপনি all be patient, velieve me i want to writ badly, but লেখা one handed is no fun at all.

i promise i will write as soon as i can, i miss my stories so much...like i know আপনি do.

thank আপনি all for your support!!!
posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 30

"You were being chased?" Dianna asked, which got my attention...my mom must have told her about our adventure, that অথবা she had been watching out for us too which made me feel safer then I had for a long time.

"Yeah, they came from nowhere. My mom ব্যক্ত that I should trust my instincts...and somehow I knew that they wanted to hurt us." I ব্যক্ত softly.

"You have met two of those who want to hurt you, who want to ruin all joy and happiness in your life. They will try to ruin your joy Maija, ruin your life so that আপনি will have no hope...please try and trust in what আপনি know and most...
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posted by just_bella
Ok so I end one story...just to start another?? I think I have a problem ;)
This is the first chapter, please let me know what আপনি think. Thanks Brysis!!!!!!
love ya

It was a typical Friday night, I had just dropped Bella off at her house for the night...or so her father thought. I had a ঘন্টা to waste while she made ডিনার and got ready for bed, I was just about to drive around town when my phone rang.

"Edward, could আপনি come প্রথমপাতা please?" Alice asked, probably knowing the answer before she called.

"Why? What's going on?" I asked, hoping I didn't have to go home.

"Please just come home, and no...
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posted by just_bella
Ok here's the পরবর্তি chapter I promised :)

Here's a recap from the end of chapter 1

"A piano? Seriously? Like she will let আপনি get that in her room, and if আপনি do she is going to be very unhappy with you." I ব্যক্ত in between giggles.

"Ok, well what about everyone else?" He asked.

I told him about what everyone else was thinking about getting, knowing that I hadn't decided what to get her. She was impossible to ভান্দার for, since anything I was going to get her would just make her angry.

"And you?" Edward asked.

"I don't know, I think we'll have to figure that one out. I think we might have to work...
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posted by just_bella
End of Chapter 23

I watched as the doctor examined her head, deciding that the cut was bad enough to need stitches. He asked her if he should call her father, but Bella quickly told him that he didn't need to call him..that she would tell him about it when she got প্রথমপাতা and that Charlie wouldn't be surprised because she falls all the time.

The doctor didn't seem surprised and agreed that he wouldn't call her father as long as she promised to tell her father. He numbed her head with something then placed 7 stitches in the wound so that it was held together. He put some gauze on শীর্ষ and secured...
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posted by ashesandwine
 Our hearts are with you!
Our hearts are with you!
Hon, this is from me and emmett4ever:D And everyone that comments

Because being sick isn't that great and because we all প্রণয় you! We wish আপনি all the best and that you'll get better soon:D

You're an angel
That helps us
Get out of hell!

You're a light
That helps us
Get out of the dark!

And if আপনি weren't
Here, the world wouldn't
Be as great, as perfect!

The sun wouldn't
Shine as strong...
The moon wouldn't
Light up the night!

We hope আপনি get well soon:D
 An অ্যাঞ্জেল to an angel:D
An angel to an angel:D