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posted by fabfamily99
Kauai, অথবা the Garden Island/ Isle to locals is the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands. The Garden Island is 33 miles long, and 25 miles wide, making Kauai 552 sq. miles in area. Kawaikini is প্রথমপাতা to the highest peak in Kauai, which is 5,243 feet high. There are many tourist attractions in Kauai, including The Garden Island’s 90 mile coastline beaches, where আপনি can swim, surf, snorkel, and relax there.
At the center of Kauai is the Wai’ale’ale crater. This crater borders 30 square miles of Alaka’i swamp, which is on high altitudes. There is one of kind plants in the swamp, which is the...
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