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posted by DisneyLove23
5.The star-gazing
I guess it just happens too fast.I'm not saying that I hate the moment অথবা something,it's just a little too cheesy in my opinion.I think it was cute though,when Kiara sees bunnies and Kovu is only able to see the fighting.And then he kinda remembers the plan,and Kiara cuddles him.I also প্রণয় how Simba was actually spying on them....=^.^=
It was a cute moment,but such a place can not exist in the savannah,and it couldn't have been in their minds(as Rafiki noted)because he actually took them to it.It was cute,though.
3.Kiara gets saved
It was cute.I especially প্রণয় it...
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posted by lionkingpokemon
 kovu and kiara
kovu and kiara
i am kovu.Now I will tell the story of how I met Kiara. I was just strolling about as I used to, and then she litterally bumbed into me! I got offensive, prepared to defend my land from this stranger. I growled at her, and she moved back and forth in front of me, looking very frightend. I got confused, and asked her what she was doing. She explained that her dad had told her never to turn her back to an Outlander. I mocked her and told her if she always did as she was told. She denied it, but I did`nt believe her.I told her that Outlanders did`nt need anybody, and that I could take care of...
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