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posted by sonicice
Kimmy-ko was just like আপনি and me. She was a highschool student. She loved alchemy ever since she was a little girl. On day, during a chemistry experiment, on of the chemicals mixed with another and caused an explosion. The explosion nearly killed her but not fully. Military doctors took her half-dead body to the fith lab. The bioalchemist fused her body with a hedgehog and she came out as a perfect chimara. Kimmy-ko was প্রদত্ত a সেকেন্ড chance at life. Being a human chimara, she developed hedgehog ears and tail. Her parents abandoned her and called her a monster. Alone and scared, She was adopted দ্বারা Cornel Roy আমেরিকার বন্য ঘোড়াবিশেষ and gained proper training to become a bioalchemist. Her state alchemist name is the Living Alchemist.
Kimmy-ko and Roy আমেরিকার বন্য ঘোড়াবিশেষ
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Still alone. Read the backstory