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Kissing Scene: Take 1

Kowalski: "No...hard...feelings?"

Hen: "You've meddled with mental powers আপনি can't begin to comprehend, Kowalski! My wrath will be fierce! But দ্বারা golly আপনি are one salsy dancer!"

*Hen begins স্নেহ চুম্বন Kowalski*

Hen: "Blech! What have আপনি been eating?!?!"

Kowalski: "Fish. I'm a penguin. Do the math."

Kissing Scene: Take 2

Kowalski: "No...hard...feelings?"

Hen: "You've meddled with mental powers আপনি can't begin to comprehend, Kowalski! My wrath will be fierce! But দ্বারা golly আপনি are one salsy dancer!"

*Hen walks toward Kowalski*

Kowalski: "WAIT! Do we really have to have this...
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The penguins were standing outside, waiting for Alice to feed them. Skipper looked at the pool water, which was a disgusting green color. আপনি couldn't see anything that was in the water. SP and Cowtails were inside, since they couldn't be seen.

Private's stomach growled. He sat down, dizzy. "I'm so hungry.."he whined. He hadn't eaten in two days! And his last meal had been very small. Skipper patted him on the back,"Hey Private, it's gonna be fine. Alice is coming, and this time, Rico WON'T eat your fish." He sent a glare at Rico. Rico shrugged, smiling nervously. The last time Alice fed them,...
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Last scene of It's About Time: Take 1

Kowalski: "...Eventually it will গেলা the whole universe!"

Rico: *gets angry & throws chronotron into black hole*

*black hole closes*

Kowalski: "But...but that shouldn't have worked, it breaks all...it breaks all...uh, LINE PLEASE!"

Last scene of It's About Time: Take 2

*black hole closes*

Kowalski: "But...but that shouldn't have worked, it breaks all known rules of the universe!"

Skipper: "That's why we call Rico a maverick. He makes his own rules."

Rico: "K-k...Yea!"

Kowalski: "But...But...The uni...uni...ACHOO! Aw, crud."

Last scene of It's About...
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10. Your পছন্দ song of all time is "Bus Called Graveyard Eight".
9. On Halloween, আপনি wear a scientific costume, but pirate is an exception.
8. Your friend text আপনি on the part of "Concrete Jungle Survival" where Kowalski sings. The পরবর্তি day. আপনি beat her down blindfolded Kowalski Style!
7. No matter what pet আপনি have, আপনি name it "Jiggles".
6. Instead of a swear jar, আপনি have to put money in a "Show Off Jar".
5. During group assignments, it's no surprise that আপনি black out while freaking out about how আপনি should be put in charge because you're the smart one.
4. Your conversations with your peers put them to sleep.
3. Before going to bed, আপনি think to yourself, "I wonder how it would feel to mate with him no matter how illogical it may be?"
2. আপনি compare the looks of other intellectual superheroes to the good looks of "The Throbbing Cerebellum".
1. আপনি agree to anything অথবা everything on the list. Boomshakana to all আপনি fellow fangirls!!!
আপনি think your up to the challenge of being a Kowalski fangirl?

If so, can you:

•Write a poem revealing your প্রণয় for Kowalski and when caught on video: avoid the subject and change the channel?

•Look the (kinda) enemy, Doris, in the eye and say, “I deserve Kowalski আরো than you.”?

•Recite Kowalski উদ্ধৃতি from memory?

•If asked, sing a duet with Kowalski for the song Graveyard 8?

If আপনি have answered yes at least once then:

All আপনি have to do is click the right hand corner button and we will do the rest!
These are just little brotherly প্রণয় drabbles...because Kowalski and Private are awesome as brothers!

It had been a normal day. Private was talking to SP. Cowtails was in the lab with Kowalski. Skipper and Rico were watching Shirtless Ninja Action Theater. All was well until an explosion came from the lab. Cowtails ran out, screaming. "Kowalski's gone mad!!" Skipper looked at her, unamused. "Who had this মাস in the betting pool?" Cowtails scowled in frustration. "No, I mean he created some sort of virus...that makes আপনি REALLY mean...and REALLY strong..and VERY abusive...he already...
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A: Always has the best quotes

B: Bad temper about simple things

C: Cocky

D: Dances like a dream

E: Eyes can grow adorably huge

F: Funny

G: Girly scream

H: Hot

I: Intelligent

J: Just sings like world-class baritone

K: Kowalski. Even his name catches the eye

L: প্রণয় escapes him

M: Masquerades as the Throbbing Cerebellum

N: Nerds, who doesn’t প্রণয় them?

O: Overly risky with his experiments

P: Plans the perfect options

Q: Quite fatherly to Private

R: Really shows-off

S: Single; because Doris doesn’t প্রণয় him...

T: Tall

U: Utterly awesome

V: Voice like a symphony

W: When he is stupid, he is even আরো funny

X: X-tremely logical

Y: আপনি could get হারিয়ে গেছে in those blue eyes...

Z: Zealous for candy