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Story Introduction: Operation: Mad Genius

Disclaimer: …Sigh…I do not own this awesome show. Do I wish I do? Hell, yeah!

For those who don’t know me, I am RavenFeathersOfDarkness [also known as PenguinCrazy14 on ], princess of the shadows, and crusader against all things girly, pink, and sparkly, and shamelessly obsessive অনুরাগী of the Penguins of Madagascar.

Speaking of the penguins, I have been online almost every দিন পাঠ করা fanfics and taking PoM personality quizzes. Of all the ক্যুইজ I’ve taken so far, about 85% of them told me I was most like Kowalski. (The other 15% ব্যক্ত I was like...
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Kowalski looked around the lair to see Private, Skipper, and Rico in the cage.
"Guys!" he yelled and trew his flippers in the air. Riley looked over and saw the other team as well. Kowalski ran over to the cage and looked inside. Just like in his dream, Skipper had a meatal chuck stuck threw his chest. Private eyes were red and blood shot like he haven't slept in days, and Rico couldn't open his.
"KOWALSKI!" Private yelled in relief.
"Wa? WASkA!" Rico yelled too.
"Im here to save you!" kowalski said.
"Uh Kowalski" Riley said.
"I Missed আপনি all so much!"
"What?!?" Kowalski turned around...
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Disclaimer: Seriously, if I owned this awesome show, would I be here? Probably, because I’d ask আপনি guys for ideas. But, sadly, I cannot, because I do not own this show.

All right, here’s the summary I promised আপনি guys:

Just as Skipper and the team are getting over the events of Operation: Heartbreaker (my first Penguins story; if আপনি wanna know আরো let me know), another new পেংগুইন is introduced to the zoo. And yes, it is a female. Of course Skipper doesn’t trust this new arrival for anything, and it turns out that the penguin, Ravena, isn’t feeling so trustworthy either. Meanwhile,...
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as marlene was resting she saw kowalski playing find the hider it was like hide and go seek but with a milatery name.the objet was simple:3 people try to find 1 porsen in the whole zoo the only place off liments was the penguins home.kowalski was the 1 to hide.marlene wacthed as kowalski entered her প্রথমপাতা and hed
skipper:29..30 ready kowalski.
marlene:*whispering*kowalski why are আপনি hiding here?
kowalski:skipper doesn't expet this hiding place.
skipper barges in after the talk
skipper:have আপনি seen kowalski?
marlene:no I have not and what have I told আপনি about privete homes.btw he might be in the...
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posted by littlebirdy05
Alrighty, this contains my theory on how the heck it is, Kowalski always whips out his clipboard from nowhere, but in truth, It’s আরো of a ridiculously long one-shot on Kowalski’s past.

Skipper waddled over to the coffee maker, pouring himself a cup. He turned, opening the fridge. "Hm, where did I put that...?" He mumbled to no one in particular. It was only five a.m. and the others were still sleeping. He always got up before they did. "Eh, there it is..." Skipper took out a small মাছ and stuck it in his coffee, stirring with it. He lifted the cup to his beak and took a sip. Suddenly...
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Kowalski couldn't fight back the tears in his eyes and he hugged Riley.
"Im so sorry Kowalski!" Private cried and hugged him.
Kowalski saw Rico's and Skipper's faces sadden. Finnaly he knew he had to leave her.
"Come on" he said, "We need to catch Blow Whole."
"Right আপনি are soldier, Lets go!" Skipper ব্যক্ত and took off out the broken lab. Kowalski gave Riley one last little চুম্বন on the cheak, and took off after the others.
Not moving to fast infront of them was them was the airborn lab of Dr.Blow Whole. Lucky for them, Kowalski had a good eye.
"Look Skipper! Near the front of the lab! Theres a...
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Riley's beak got cought into Blow whole's breathing whole and he started to choke. Riley held on and gave Kowalski the signal to সরানো on. So he slid past without Blow whole being able to see him. He snuck up on the কাঁকড়া guards and knocked them out with one মুষ্ট্যাঘাত from the behind. Mean while, Riley had to hold on for dear life and blow whole chocked and tried to pry her off.
"Kowalski!" Private ব্যক্ত in a low voice so Blow Whole couldn't hear over his chocking, "Over hear".
Kowalski slid over to the cage and exsamed the lock.
"Rico, do আপনি have a paper clip on you?".
"NU UH." and he pointed to Blow...
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 A pic I found. This is what Riley would look like just bigger
A pic I found. This is what Riley would look like just bigger
Riley raced crossed the sand, keeping up with Kowalski, focusing on the mission and no her wing.
"Were are we going?" She asked. Kowalski who was looking at the map and speeding down the sand পাহাড় at the same time.
"If my calculations are correct, were only about 2 miles away from the whole".
"Well that was easy, shouldn't there be more..." just then a huge metal বাক্স rose up from the ground and with 4 large SNAPS locked them in tight.
".... traps -_- Great,how are we going to get out of this one?" Kowalski then remembered the tools in the shoulder bag he had. He patted his side, were the bag...
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A: Always has the best quotes

B: Bad temper about simple things

C: Cocky

D: Dances like a dream

E: Eyes can grow adorably huge

F: Funny

G: Girly scream

H: Hot

I: Intelligent

J: Just sings like world-class baritone

K: Kowalski. Even his name catches the eye

L: প্রণয় escapes him

M: Masquerades as the Throbbing Cerebellum

N: Nerds, who doesn’t প্রণয় them?

O: Overly risky with his experiments

P: Plans the perfect options

Q: Quite fatherly to Private

R: Really shows-off

S: Single; because Doris doesn’t প্রণয় him...

T: Tall

U: Utterly awesome

V: Voice like a symphony

W: When he is stupid, he is even আরো funny

X: X-tremely logical

Y: আপনি could get হারিয়ে গেছে in those blue eyes...

Z: Zealous for candy
posted by Bluepenguin
It's afternoon, and the penguins are relaxing at HQ. Skipper is working on intensive trainings, Private is watching the Lunacorns, and Rico is looking at the "Kaboom Monthly" Magazine. Kowalski, having nothing else to do, decided to go to Doris and try to talk to her. Unfortunately for Kowalski, he is very shy, and he is afraid he might say something to upset her.
Kowalski stands behind her habitat, anticipating what he should say.

Kowalski: *Takes deep breath* Ok, here it goes.
Kowalski jumps up and stands at the rim of the large শুশুক habitat, his হৃদয় beating at a fast-paced rhythm. Doris...
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posted by Kowalski995
Tears of the Storm
By: VivianShadowGirl
Rated M
Couple: Maybe KowalskixCarrie. Some SkipperxAlly (Friendship)
Slash: Skipper/Kowalski (friendship)
Summery: It wasn't his fault, but he has to face it: Kowalski is cursed. What is in the curse? And how come it's starting to make the smart পেংগুইন change... দ্বারা killing and breaking rules?

Chapter 1: The Curse

"Are আপনি the new animal?"

The tigeress look over and saw a tall পেংগুইন দ্বারা the railing with a smile on his face. Kowalski climbed over the railing, the new animal had moved in just today. And he saw that tiger pen was getting a new tiger for the zoo......
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The penguins were standing outside, waiting for Alice to feed them. Skipper looked at the pool water, which was a disgusting green color. আপনি couldn't see anything that was in the water. SP and Cowtails were inside, since they couldn't be seen.

Private's stomach growled. He sat down, dizzy. "I'm so hungry.."he whined. He hadn't eaten in two days! And his last meal had been very small. Skipper patted him on the back,"Hey Private, it's gonna be fine. Alice is coming, and this time, Rico WON'T eat your fish." He sent a glare at Rico. Rico shrugged, smiling nervously. The last time Alice fed them,...
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These are just little brotherly প্রণয় drabbles...because Kowalski and Private are awesome as brothers!

It had been a normal day. Private was talking to SP. Cowtails was in the lab with Kowalski. Skipper and Rico were watching Shirtless Ninja Action Theater. All was well until an explosion came from the lab. Cowtails ran out, screaming. "Kowalski's gone mad!!" Skipper looked at her, unamused. "Who had this মাস in the betting pool?" Cowtails scowled in frustration. "No, I mean he created some sort of virus...that makes আপনি REALLY mean...and REALLY strong..and VERY abusive...he already...
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Hello, peoples!! RavenFeathersOfDarkness here, and I’ve got just one thing to say: SUGAR RUSH!!!

Let me explain. I bought this bag of super টক স্ট্রবেরি ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট a few days ago, and yesterday I was out doing stuff and I decided to see what would happen if I ate a whole bunch of ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট at once. I did eat a whole bunch of ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট at once, and I’ve been mega-hyper ever since!! I know the crash is just waiting for the right moment to strike, but I’m gonna take this time to get started on Chapter 2. (I just ate four আরো today and it’s taking all my restraint not to bounce off the walls!! This...
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It seemed like days that they were in the sky, but Riley knew how to keep herself occupied. Every few মিনিট she would roll around in the sky. Kowalski had to hold on to her wings for dear life, and when he would yell Riley would just laugh. They were so high in the sky now that Kowalski could see the formation of the states below.
"Wow.." He ব্যক্ত and flipped out his not bag, taking notes with one hand, holding on with the other.
"Beautiful isn't it?" Riley asked.
"Yes, indeed so." She flew a crossed slower now, so Kowalski didn't have to hold as tight, when something unexpected happened. It...
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One time Kowalski went to his labroom and he finds a banjo! Kowalski thought,"Is this for me?" Well it is his! Anyways,he grabs the banjo and now plays it. Kowalski is now feeling like a rockstar পেংগুইন of all smart penguins! Currently he plays the banjo with Skipper,Private,and Rico.Kowalski now has something that he could play an instrument.He sang a song to Marlene. But the one and only one is Dr.Blowhole hated Kowalski with his banjo.He decides to steal the banjo from Kowalski and to প্রদর্শনী that he is a শুশুক rocker.But at night,Kowalski and the other penguins went to go to sleep.As they're...
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Kissing Scene: Take 1

Kowalski: "No...hard...feelings?"

Hen: "You've meddled with mental powers আপনি can't begin to comprehend, Kowalski! My wrath will be fierce! But দ্বারা golly আপনি are one salsy dancer!"

*Hen begins স্নেহ চুম্বন Kowalski*

Hen: "Blech! What have আপনি been eating?!?!"

Kowalski: "Fish. I'm a penguin. Do the math."

Kissing Scene: Take 2

Kowalski: "No...hard...feelings?"

Hen: "You've meddled with mental powers আপনি can't begin to comprehend, Kowalski! My wrath will be fierce! But দ্বারা golly আপনি are one salsy dancer!"

*Hen walks toward Kowalski*

Kowalski: "WAIT! Do we really have to have this...
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Kowalski rose up off of Private to see blow whole taking off to the sky.
"Come on men! after that dolphin!" Kowalski heard behind him. Skipper was up and awake now, and the claw was no longer in him.
"Skippa!" Private cried and ran over to hug his commander.
"SKAPA" Rico also yelled and hugged him too.
"Skipper! your alright!" Kowalski said.
"Ofcorse I am, I wasn't going to let him kill me. But this is no time for a hug fest! We need to catch Blow whole!"
"Right!" Private ব্যক্ত and they all ran off but Kowalski who just stood there.
"Whats the matter soldier!" Skipper asked. Kowalski hesitated...
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posted by gina34
it's a sunny দিন on the beach. Skipper, Kowalski and private are sunbathing with ironblades in their flippers. Suddenly Kowalski heard a cry for help, their was a little girl in the water nearly drowning.He dives into the water and saw she was unconscious, he grabbed her hand and took her to his chest to swim to the beach. On the সৈকত Skipper saw Kowalski carried an lifeless girl in his flippers and laid her on the sand. Skipper asked what's happened with her? Kowalski checked her pulse and breathing, but there was none. He began CPR, he ব্যক্ত compressing her thorax:" Skipper she nearly drowned and i don't know she will make it!" He breathe in and put his mouth to hers and breathe out in her lungs, he did this and hour, the girl coughed up water and her vision cleared up and murmured: penguin?
I must go!!!! Bye
The end
Kowalski waddled off back tordes the city of New York, Riley takeing the sky above him. It was a good thing she was there, other wise Kowalski would have been road kill. He crossed a street, not noticing and on coming car. Riley swooped down as fast as she could and ran into them, knocking them both into the building across the street. Kowalski couldn't even say anything.
"Your Welcome" Riley ব্যক্ত with a grin as they kept going. Kowalski slipped threw the closed gate of the zoo. Riley, being alot smaller, just walked in.
"Were are we going?" Riley wisperd.
"To my home, to get the map to Blow...
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