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These are just little brotherly প্রণয় drabbles...because Kowalski and Private are awesome as brothers!

It had been a normal day. Private was talking to SP. Cowtails was in the lab with Kowalski. Skipper and Rico were watching Shirtless Ninja Action Theater. All was well until an explosion came from the lab. Cowtails ran out, screaming. "Kowalski's gone mad!!" Skipper looked at her, unamused. "Who had this মাস in the betting pool?" Cowtails scowled in frustration. "No, I mean he created some sort of virus...that makes আপনি REALLY mean...and REALLY strong..and VERY abusive...he already...
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One time Kowalski went to his labroom and he finds a banjo! Kowalski thought,"Is this for me?" Well it is his! Anyways,he grabs the banjo and now plays it. Kowalski is now feeling like a rockstar পেংগুইন of all smart penguins! Currently he plays the banjo with Skipper,Private,and Rico.Kowalski now has something that he could play an instrument.He sang a song to Marlene. But the one and only one is Dr.Blowhole hated Kowalski with his banjo.He decides to steal the banjo from Kowalski and to প্রদর্শনী that he is a শুশুক rocker.But at night,Kowalski and the other penguins went to go to sleep.As they're...
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