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posted by Lelouch_heart
আপনি know, maybe it's just me but this জীবন্ত needs a সেকেন্ড season ! :) I mean just look at it the story is unique and it really catches the eyes of the viewers ! Plus it has amazing graphics. Well, personally I think it's the effects that really made me curious about it. I was thinking about other things it could offer the viewers and I wasn't disappointed ! This really is a recommended জীবন্ত for starters because (I think everyone would agree if I say this): " it's just simply Amazing!! " and I প্রণয় their ending song " ফ্ুলপাছ " it makes me feel like everything's gonna be okay. :) anyway , I hope আপনি enjoy this জীবন্ত !! It's really amazing !! <3