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posted by NewMoonG
Once upon a time there was a scientist and a mermaid. The scientist, named Lüc, and the mermaid, named Yuyi. Yuyi in Human Language meant, "Gaga." They were both in প্রণয় with eachother. But since Gaga was a mermaid, she could never make প্রণয় অথবা walk like another human. So Lüc decided he wanted to try to make Gaga into a human being so they can get married and be happy together for the rest of their lives.

Lüc had Gaga in his শস্যাগার he owned on his farm with a cornfield. Gaga could not survive without water so Lüc filled up a silver tank of water and had Gaga lie in it. He had buckets of water...
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 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
Pop তারকা Lady Gaga, who recently ব্যক্ত that she has no time for love, is reportedly dating her best friend Matthew Williams.

The 'Poker Face' hitmaker is ব্যক্ত to have grown increasingly close to her style collaborator Matthew Williams in সাম্প্রতিক months, whom she previously romanced for over a year, In Touch magazine reported.

"Matthew and Gaga have been dating for months. They were together on and off for আরো than a year, but called it off when mixing work and প্রণয় became too difficult," a উৎস said.

After the 23-year-old singer and Williams drifted apart she romanced an entrepreneur named Speedy, while he started a new relationship and became a father.

However, both romances fizzled out and the former couple have now rekindled their প্রণয় after growing close on the star's 'Monster Ball' tour.

"They spend all their time together, and travel everywhere, so it was bound to happen. Speedy dumped her, and Matthew left his girlfriend for Gaga," the উৎস added.
 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
 Lady GaGa
Lady GaGa
With Jason Derulo and Lady Gaga’s time together on the Monster Ball Tour about to come to a close, the “Whatcha Say” singer admitted that being Gaga’s opening act has certainly been an experience. Lady Gaga’s elaborate stage প্রদর্শনী and pop-star persona have definitely rubbed off on him. And he ব্যক্ত that the singer is looking a lot better since postponing some tour dates due to exhaustion:

“She looked great yesterday,” Derulo told এমটিভি News on Thursday after Gaga kicked off a run of shows at Radio City সঙ্গীত Hall in her hometown of New York. “I was impressed. I watched the প্রদর্শনী yesterday...
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posted by hareyzzz9255
see the lonely girl out on the weekend
tryin' to make it pay
she can't relay to joy, oh she tries to speak in
can't begin to say
the boy fooled me again, oh oh he loves me all up
but Im so down today
see the lonely girl in hollywood on the weekend
try to make it pay

it's been a hot day, hotter nights
the rockstars girlfriend, she হারিয়ে গেছে a fight
well its alright baby, I'm nobody's mother
but I dont want this last cigerette to be over

you fooled me again, fooled me again
with your honest honest honest eyes
again fooled me again with your dirty mouth
full of honest lies, uh oh
again, oh when আপনি fooled...
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We are a generation twisted দ্বারা our myth
Confused and ludicrous, holding on to love
Consumed দ্বারা all the pleasures in our midst
A life without the lips we've kissed
And losing all control

We're gonna start a resistance
So we want independence
We're gonna give the world some of this

Electric kiss
I'm gonna change the world with my lips
One voice forever
We'll live together
Peace, love, solitude and happiness
Electric kiss

Fame is our felony
We're so in প্রণয় with it
Superstars and masochists
Who don't know where to go
But the poets and the fathers of our time
Put down their weapons in their arms
And know what they must do

We're gonna start a resistance
So we want independence
We're gonna give the world some of this

Electric kiss
I'm gonna change the world with my lips
One voice forever
We'll live together
Peace, love, solitude and happiness

Electric kiss
I'm gonna change the world with my lips
One voice for ever
We'll live together
Peace, love, solitude and happiness
Electric kiss
Lady Gaga will be releasing a sixth single from ‘Born This Way’ and it appears that she, her team and her handlers have selected ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ as the পরবর্তি focus track.

Can আপনি believe that Gaga’s already pumped out six singles? ‘BTW’ hasn’t even been out a বছর yet and she’s already cycled through a half-dozen hits. The news was reported দ্বারা a French সঙ্গীত site, unearthed দ্বারা Oh No They Didn’t!

‘Heavy Metal Lover’ is one of the most synth heavy tunes on the record, with Gaga delivering her lyrics in a robotic tone over a cornucopia of beats. It’s quite a dance-oriented...
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Lady Gaga is প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে her প্রণয় of football in a new series of pictures দ্বারা photographer Terry Richardson. The ছবি have been পোষ্ট হয়েছে on Terry’s blog and advertised on Twitter. The lovely Gaga does not look like the typical football fan. In one picture, she is topless with the football strategically placed in front of her to shield her lady parts. She dons a tiny black dress and a leather জ্যাকেট in the shoot.

The black and white ছবি were পোষ্ট হয়েছে দ্বারা the celebrity photographer yesterday. Her football picture a caption, “Lady Gaga holding a football…Go Giants.”

Gaga and Terry have a long...
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Lady Gaga is allegedly planning to সরানো in with her current beau, Vampire Diaries actor Taylor Kinney.

According to The Sun, Kinney – who starred alongside Gaga in her আপনি And I video – has agreed to live with Gaga, with the pair viewing homes in New York.

A উৎস revealed: “They’ve been looking for two places – one near his parents in Pennsylvania and one in the Big Apple.”

Kinney’s ex-girlfriend Brittany Sackett has since accused Gaga of pinching her man, telling Heat magazine that Gaga did her “a favour” after he apparently cheated on her with Gaga.
Oprah Winfrey is giving Little Monsters the chance to get a glimpse of Gaga’s childhood প্রথমপাতা in an upcoming two-hour special.
Gaga has sat down for a candid chat with the TV titan for Oprah’s পরবর্তি Chapter on the star’s OWN Network, and as part of the interview, Gaga takes Winfrey to the New York apartment she grew up in with her parents and sister.

During the special, Winfrey also talks to Gaga’s mother Cynthia Germanotta, who admits she was taken aback দ্বারা her daughter’s flamboyant style at the beginning of her stellar career.

She tells Winfrey, “Her father and I were like, ‘I think she has a screw loose.’”
Winfrey also went along with the mother and daughter when they launched their Born This Way Foundation at America’s Harvard বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় last month.
She just gets weirder ever day. We have seen her in many a strange getup, but this one is one of the most unique.

This is Lady Gag's latest fashion statement, and as আপনি can see, white is the main color used. Of course the outfit calls for attention, plus it is pretty skimpy to be wearing on these cold February days in New York. But apart from those facts, the thing that has us most surprised is that her face is covered in pearls.

Does she not know that pearls are for the wrist, neck, a broach অথবা even your ankle, but for sure not the face!

This pearl ছবি is a big contrast from her 'normal' look which shows her in clothes like any person would use. আপনি can't even tell that the person in the two প্রতিমূর্তি is the same.

Part of Lady Gaga's appeal is that she is so crazy when she dresses up. But we think this time she may have crossed the line.

The rumor was a few months পূর্বে that Lady Gaga and Luc Carl were going to get married in a castle, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Lady Gaga announced their break-up and ব্যক্ত she's feeling depressed.

She may not be doing well when it comes to love, but she's a hit in the সঙ্গীত world. She's got over 10 million অনুরাগী on Twitter!

She Tweeted: 10MillionMonsters! I'm speechless, we did it! Its an illness how I প্রণয় you. Leaving লন্ডন smiling.

Lady Gaga's new song “Hair” is going up on iTunes soon and she released the cover for the single on her Facebook. We can't wait to hear it!
Writer Mary Gaitskill's superb essay about the video "Poker Face" has been chosen to belong to the collection: "Best সঙ্গীত লেখা of 2010."


আপনি can read the whole essay on Ryeberg.com, where it was orginally published.


Here's an excerpt:

"This affect works with the music: It’s adorable when she punches at the air with her fist like a sexy child. But then her face is heavy as a meat puppet অথবা a painted mask with a card stuck between its teeth, a thing made দ্বারা crude অ্যানিমেশন to flick the card from its lips onto the টেবিল অথবা raise its arm in a wide arc and bring the card down while other holograms dance around it in fevered jerking motions."

Ra ra Gaga!

Eminem's new song disses Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Why does he have to be so rude?

এমিনেম is pretty mean in his new song. dissing on Lady Gaga দ্বারা dredging up the old, ridiculous rumors that she is a hermaphrodite.

"Tell Lady Gaga she can quit her job at the post office/ She's still a male lady," he raps in his song. Talk about ridiculous and hurtful! Of course, with the number one album in the world right now, Gaga probably doesn't mind what Shady has to say.....

The rapper also takes on Justin Bieber in the song, saying that "evil seeps through him," and name checks Katy Perry, though he's much friendlier in his address to her, to say the least. What do আপনি think he means দ্বারা "evil seeps through him,"? we're not sure but it doesn't sound good!

এমিনেম will offend a lot of অনুরাগী with these comments, that's for sure!
"Well, my dad has had a হৃদয় condition for about 15 years. He has অথবা he had a bad aortic valve, and his body for a very long time was only pumping a third of the blood that you're supposed to get every time his হৃদয় beat. So he [was] resigned that he wasn't going to get the surgery and told my mother and I that he was going to let his life take its course.... And I was on tour and I couldn't leave, so I went into the studio and I wrote this song 'Speechless'.... My dad used to call me after he'd had a few drinks and I wouldn't know what to say. I was speechless and I just feared that I would lose him and I wouldn't be there....I wrote this song as a plea to him and it worked, he had the surgery with no complications.''

—Lady Gaga on the inspiration behind "Speechless"
posted by maritina12345

Lady Gaga turned heads as usual at the 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards.

Lady G, who showed up in her signature platform heels, was be honored during the ceremony with the Fashion প্রতীকী Award.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper hosted the event for the Council of Fashion Designers of America, which also honored designer Marc Jacobs with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award.

Not everyone thinks that Lady Gaga has style. Here she has on a turquoise wig, red lips, black eyebrows and a very short black dress....one thing is for sure, she has a style all her own.

Do আপনি like this look?
posted by LORD_GAGA
 Vogue Hommes জাপান vol. 5
Vogue Hommes Japan vol. 5
Lady Gaga is such a mistress of disguise, it's often hard to recognize her.

Enter Jo Calderone, SHOWStudio.com's newest male model, a sexy brunette with a classic look and a possible pop সঙ্গীত career on the side.

The brooding brown-haired looker bears a remarkable resemblance to Gaga, whose middle name is Joanne, leading many to speculate that the ছবি are in fact of the "Alejandro" singer in drag.

British photographer Nick Knight shot the fashion spread, which will reportedly appear in the September issue of Vogue Hommes Japan.

But, আরো importantly, the shoot was styled দ্বারা the magazine's fashion...
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posted by iandamonfan
Woah woah woah woah woah
I'm in প্রণয় with Juda- as, Juda- as
Woah woah woah woah woah
I'm in প্রণয় with Juda- as, Juda- as

Judas Juda -ah- as
Judas Juda -ah- as
Judas Juda -ah- as
Judas ga-ah ga-ah
When he calls to me I am ready
I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain
Even after three times he betrays me

Ah-ah-ahhh- ow uh uh uh o
Ah-ah-ahhh- ow uh uh uh o
I'll bring him down bring him down down
Ah-ah-ahhh- ow uh uh uh o
Ah-ah-ahhh- ow uh uh uh o
A king with no crown king with no crown

I'm just a holy fool
Oh baby it's so cruel but
I'm still in প্রণয় with Judas...
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Hello everybody!
Get a ride to the west side,
Kiss the girl with her tongue tied.

Hello everybody!
We'll get out cause আপনি don't care,
Shut down like software.

Hello everybody!
Take a sip for the hip-hop,
Fuel up at the rest stop.

We're just physical creatures of the underworld,
She is the কুইন of the Fra Disco Scene.

Retro, Dance, Freak! (Retro, Retro, Dance...)
Singin' retro-dance beat,
Retro, Dance, Freak!
Undercover, the girl needs her lover

What's up everybody?
Take a ride on an airplane,
Take a bath in champagne.

What's up everybody?
Watch the girls all curtsy for the paparazzi!

Let's go, everybody!...
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posted by hareyzzz9255
Lady Gaga never gets drunk - because she is too focused on her career.

The singer claims she doesn't go out and party hard because she doesn't want a hangover affecting her work and she struggles to motivate herself to go clubbing.

She said: "I don't go to nightclubs. আপনি don't see pictures of me falling out of a club drunk. I don't go - and that's because I usually go and then, আপনি know, a whiskey and a half into it, I got to get back to work. Because I প্রণয় my work so much, I find it really hard to go out and have a good time."

Lady Gaga has revealed new song "Telephone" - which features on her latest album "The Fame Monster" - is about her strict work ethic and fear of fun.

She told MTV: "Something that I have অথবা fear is never being able to enjoy myself. That's my fear - that the phone's ringing and my head's ringing. Whether it's a telephone অথবা it's just the thoughts in your head, that's another fear."
posted by RemindMe
We are the crowd, we’re c-comin’ out
Got my flash on, it’s true
Need that picture of you
It so magical, we’d be so fantastical

Leather and jeans, গ্যারেজ glamorous
Not sure what it means
But this ছবি of us it don’t have a price
Ready for those flashing light
‘Cause আপনি know that baby, I

I’m your biggest fan, I’ll follow আপনি until আপনি প্রণয় me
Papa, paparazzi
Baby, there’s no other superstar, আপনি know that I’ll be
Your papa, paparazzi

Promise I’ll be kind
But I won’t stop until that boy is mine
Baby, you’ll be famous, chase আপনি down until আপনি প্রণয় me
Papa, paparazzi

I’ll be your girl...
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