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posted by emactrip1
u can watch austin and ally on ডিজনি

here are the episodes:
rockers and writers
kangaroos and chaos
managers and meatballs
deejays and demos
club owners and quincenaras

if u hav any আরো eps post HERE so u can see ur fave superstar laura marano cause i no she is my fave super তারকা she is also my idol and everyone should c her in ফ্যানপপ because she is so inspiring to so many people and she is such a good actress/singer and c her pics,quizzes,articles plus i think that austin and ally would be a cute couple
Asher- Austin wake up time for school
Austin- no
Asher- is there anything I can do for আপনি to get up
Austin- dad
Asher- [sigh] really get up [left]
Austin- *I'm Austin that was my older brother Asher everyone on my dad's side everyone has to have a name starts with ''A'' he die in a car crush when I was 13 and Asher 17 so we left Denver to Miami for my mom's new jobs and make new বন্ধু oh and sometimes I'm a mute*
Mimi- Asher make sure Austin makes friends
Asher- yea yea
Mimi- and please... don't tease him
Asher- fine and good luck
at school
Asher- ok I have to go and please make বন্ধু also......
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