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স্বতস্ফূর্ত starlet Lea Michelle kisses her boyfriend Theo Stockman during the ডিনার ঘন্টা of the TIME 100 gala at NYC’s Jazz at ইংল্যাণ্ডের লিংকনে তৈরি একধরনের ঝলমলে সবুজ রঙের কাপড় Center on Tuesday (May 4). She was, after all, named one of the শীর্ষ 100 most influential people in the world দ্বারা Time Magazine.

Lea, 23, and Theo, 25, have been dating since last বছর and both have Broadway roots. She first started off in Les Miserables and Theo currently stars in Green Day’s Broadway musical, American Idiot. Previously, he starred in the Broadway production of Hair.

Last week, Lea exclusively told JustJared.com that she was going to spend the whole summer in NYC being a total “Broadway groupie.” We know who she’s going to be lots of time with!

source: JustJared
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A lot of people, reviewers and fashion stylists mostly have been complaining (although I believe it to আরো bullying) about Lea's nose.

I think I speak for all of us here when I say...WTF!!!!

According to many people Lea needs a nose job to be considered a REAL actress. Okay, where do I start...

Firstly, অভিনয় is about talent and passion. Lea clearly has this as she has demonstrated it on the stage and in Glee, which may I add is one of he best TV shows in America and is certainly জনপ্রিয় over here in the UK!

Secondly, looks have nothing to do with being a good actress/actor. Only nasty and insecure...
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Gorgeous স্বতস্ফূর্ত তারকা Lea Michele has revealed that she fell into অভিনয় দ্বারা accident.

She’s now been in the business since she was a young child, but she admitted it almost didn’t happen.

"It was a joke, I just went to support my friend,” Lea explained. “But I auditioned and I got it. It was total luck.

“At that point, I wanted to work as a waiter অথবা in a grocery store - I had that fake grocery store with the toy খাবার and money. I was 8 years old - but I auditioned for Broadway and I got it.

“And I went from প্রদর্শনী to প্রদর্শনী until I came out to Los Angeles when I was 21.”

The actress- who plays Rachel in the hit comedy-musical also revealed that she isn’t much of a অনুরাগী of LA where স্বতস্ফূর্ত is filmed, saying:

“I miss [New York]…. I feel like আপনি can't be yourself in Los Angeles. It's very pretty when আপনি visit, but if you're a real New Yorker, it's hard to live in Los Angeles.”
স্বতস্ফূর্ত তারকা Lea Michele thinks it is 'great' she got to try out another role in new animated musical Dorothy of Oz.
Lea is enjoying not being on screen as she voices the character Dorothy.
The actress told Etonline.com: 'It's just really nice to get to step into a different world for a while.
'I thoroughly enjoy being at William McKinley High School Monday through Friday at Glee, but it's been really great to step into another world and play another character for a little while.'
She added: 'It only makes the job that I do every দিন even আরো enjoyable.'
The movie carries on from where the Wizard of Oz finished, with Dorothy back in Kansas after the tornado destroyed the town.
She has to defeat the evil Jester with some old and new বন্ধু when she finds that the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man have disappeared.
Dorothy of Oz is expected to hit cinemas in 2012.
আপনি probably all know this দ্বারা now, but Lea got her first Emmy nomination and we are so happy for her! Congrats to Lea and everyone on স্বতস্ফূর্ত for their 19 nominations! আপনি can check all the nominations link.

Here are a couple of Lea উদ্ধৃতি about her nomination:

“I am beyond honored and thrilled to be nominated. The other women in this category are extraordinary নায়িকা that I respect and admire. To be a part of স্বতস্ফূর্ত is a dream come true and the fact that the Academy acknowledged us in this way makes that dream even আরো surreal.” link

Lea Michele was in such shock after learning of her first...
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