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posted by SasoriLV
This was inspired দ্বারা a challenges thing দ্বারা one of my সংগঠন on dA. The challenge I chose was Schadenfreude. It had to be done. I don't actually know what a tortellini is, অথবা if it even exists.

I like them like this. It's kinda like my Younger!UchihaBrothers thing I seem to have going on. I like it when it was before everyone went evil and they just got on.

Erm.... I don't know exactly when this is set... Age-wise, I see them being college/university age, so round about... early 20's? Yeah, early 20's.

I don't own the Sannin অথবা Avenue Q. God, if I did....

For those of আপনি not in the know, Avenue...
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