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 I প্রণয় the Dream Cast.
I love the Dream Cast.
Hi guys, I had seen the 10th anniversary and bits of the 25th anniversary on Youtube. So here is my thoughts on both show!

10th Anniversary Concert

When I first borrowed the DVD from a friend, my first impression was that it was a spectacular moment that আপনি really want to watch it live!
The cast were amazing, and I was also surprise that Frances Ruffelle was never ask to reprise her role as Eponine, despite the fact that Lea Salonga was also very good!
Surprisingly, Madame Thenadier's part in দুর্গ on a মেঘ was shortened. So was Turning, I have always wonder why though?
Finally, I love...
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25th anniversary সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান
red and black
do আপনি hear the people sing
So I watched the musical Les Miserables, a few months ago, and while I did প্রণয় the movie overall, I noticed there were characters that I absolutely adored, and others I just hated, and some that were just meh.

Keep in mind I have not read the novel, so ভালুক with me!

8. Cosette

I honestly adored her when she was a child, but I hated adult her. She was super boring, a Mary Sue, annoying and an সামগ্রিক bad character! For one, her relationship with Marius annoys me and comes out of nowhere. Another thing I dislike about her is that she leaves the Thenaiders, but she just acts like it never...
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