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Foster was help captive, then is drowned in a lake অথবা a pool. Lightman saves her life দ্বারা giving her CPR.
Later that night, LIghtman and his daughter are about to eat dinner.
And Foster shows up.
Lightman উত্তর door,
" Hey, um I just wanted to drop off this case file." Foster says.
Lightman gives her a funny look, and takes the file.
"Hey do আপনি want to come in for a moment?" Lightman ask Foster.
"Um it looks like আপনি are about to eat" Foster says observing Lightman's daughter setting the table.
"Yea that's okay, আপনি can eat with us."
Foster pauses for a moment, and says okay.
The three of them have...
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posted by Juliana_House
 Think these are the moments Cal's talking about? (Tim Roth--Murder in the Heartland)
Think these are the moments Cal's talking about? (Tim Roth--Murder in the Heartland)
This was such an amazing episode, and I'm not just saying that, it really was. It shot right to my #1 পছন্দ episode, and that's because it was just fantastic.
This প্রদর্শনী really works well when it has just one case like this, and it keeps আপনি hooked right until the end. That's how it should be. Just fantastic.

Since this is just a 1 case episode, I will only run over Cal's scenes/the ones in Afganistan because thats where the whole episode really took place.


Now we begin IN Afganistan, the war torn country, and a fantastic scene where 2 marines are captured. It's not fantastic that they were...
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So we were discussing Callian in the flail party ফোরাম but i figured that i would post it here too. Not that many people come to this spot (frowny face) but i figured it was আরো likely to be seen here so here we go!

Many viewers on the প্রদর্শনী would argue that Cal and Gillian are definitely heading into the relationship direction. I myself am one of them. While they are, at the moment, just বন্ধু there is a mutual attraction there that is hard to hide and it affects their actions both towards one another and towards others. We'll start with Cal.

Ohh Cal. He is an interesting man. The best...
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posted by livi_wells
Auhtor's Note: This fanfiction takes part after Gillian is attacked. It gives an alternate situation to the hospital scene.

When he grabbed her, her mind went blank. Her thoughts were consumed দ্বারা escaping his gasp. Screaming, clawing, thrashing, anything she could do to separate herself from her attacker. She felt him drag her along the ground. Cold and hard it scraped against he back as she tried to pull herself free. Her surroundings were obscured দ্বারা the flashes of black her mind saw, everything in slow motion where a সেকেন্ড lasted what seemed like and hour. She felt him drop her. Footsteps...
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posted by Juliana_House
One of my পছন্দ episodes this season, দ্বারা far. Last weeks episode I nearly died trying to keep up with my notes, and this one was a breeze. The 'A case' was interesting (something seemingly rare this season) and as was the 'B case'.
In short; I was impressed.


We begin with a Christmasy scene, and a crowd of people. Now since I live in Canada, I have no idea what Black Friday is except a suicide mission. People die trying to get into a store, for crying out loud...just walk into one any other day. Why go when theres thousands of people?!?!
Back to the case. A child slips on some ice, and her...
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posted by Sweet_Pants
Here are some of my fave quotes;)

Lightman: “What do আপনি see?”

Foster: “I see a skeptical, emotionally distant scientist obsessing over facial twitches.”

Foster: “Look I’ll...I’ll meet আপনি there later, ok, but let’s get Torres involved, she’s a natural, she’s got phenomenal instincts—“

Lightman: “Doesn’t mean she knows the science.”
Torres: *walks in* “Dr. Foster ব্যক্ত আপনি wanted to see me?”

Lightman: *looks at Gillian accusingly*

Chief: “Dr. Lightman, my first concern is the safety of every woman in that platoon. That’s why we’re investigating, but Sergeant...
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posted by Jello12423
I am loving Lie To Me even more!
This is a প্রদর্শনী আপনি got to watch! ( TELL UR FRIENDS)
In the season finale (season 3) " Killers App " আপনি see not even আরো growing between Cal and Gillian, but what most অনুরাগী say,
"Best episode ever!" " শিয়াল we need more!"
"When does season 4 start?!"
I'm demanding আরো as well. And as Lie To Me grows stronger and stronger, hitting আরো than 7 million views, অনুরাগী are also demanding the writers to প্রদর্শনী আরো of what's between Cal and Gillian.
Until season 4 starts, I will enjoy reruns!
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