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"No,not Harry,please not Harry.."
"Stand aside আপনি silly girl,stand aside"
"No,not harry,kill me instead,have mercy,have mercy"
"this is my last warning"
but no,she wouldn't listen and was killed...

But আপনি know what,she had a choice
She could have lived,if she had let Harry die....
But an incredible feeling wouldn't let her to sacrifice Harry,and instead urged her to sacrifice herself......
And what was that feeling??
it was "Love"
Love for Harry

People often ask,what is love??
but think প্রণয় is all about saying "i প্রণয় you" and with all the hugs and kisses
but is it love??
no,the true meaning of love...
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lily evans
পিটুনিয়া evans
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Born 30 January, 1960

Died 31 October, 1981 (aged 21)
Godric's Hollow

Blood status Muggle-born

Marital status Married

Also known as ■Lovely Lily (by Horace Slughorn)
■Sweet Lily Potter (by Lord Voldemort)

Title(s) Head Girl

Physical information
Species Human

Gender Female

Hair colour Red

Eye colour Green

Skin colour Light

Family information
Family members ■Mr. Evans (father) †
■Mrs. Evans (mother) †
■Petunia Dursley (sister)
■James Potter (husband) †
■Harry Potter (son)
■Vernon Dursley (brother-in-law)
■Dudley Dursley (nephew)
■Mr. Potter (father-in-law)...
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lily evans
lily potter
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