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posted by pietruszka
I just wanted to have one place where I'll have all the information. Wouldn't it be nice to share it at the same time with you, guys?
I remember being interested in Lisa's প্রণয় life few years পূর্বে and of course first clue was Petri. After that, I was interested in their break-up, because, I think, it was the most opened to the public of Lisa's relationships.

I: From Punk to Yoga Guru
“It’s not easy to প্রণয় a tv star”, says Petri Räisänen.

Helsinki-born yoga teacher Petri Räisänen 40, lives in Hollywood and shares a বিছানা with picture-beautiful Lisa Edelstein from tv প্রদর্শনী House Md....
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posted by pietruszka
How Lisa became who she is today

Vegetarian: when she was a teenager, she ate some bad meat and had horrible nightmare at night with eating human flesh. Since then, she doesn't feel right with eating meat.

Hottie with balanced diet: around her twenties I think, her metabolism changed, she got her lady curves, but also gained much weight. Since then she really had to take care about that she eats (no unhealthy food). For some time she had eating disorders.That's why it's so important her her to control her খাবার now.

Yoga-master: Lisa had an accident in which her spine was damaged. Her back...
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I don't know if it has been পোষ্ট হয়েছে but it was the first time I had read it xD


New York Times. (Late Edition (East Coast)). New York, N.Y.: Nov 9, 1986

Some time later there was a song on all the jukeboxes on the Upper East Side that went 'but where is the schoolgirl who used to be me,' and it if was late enough at night I used to wonder that. I know now that almost everyone wonders something like that, sooner অথবা later and no matter what he অথবা she is doing, but one of the mixed blessings of being 20 and 21 and even 23 is the conviction that nothing like this, all evidence to...
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 Book Cover
Book Cover
Lisa Edelstein as many of আপনি know was a club kid in the 80's. and in her friend James St. James' book she is BRIEFLY described. here's what he says (includes লিঙ্ক to pictures and প্রবন্ধ mentioned.)

the only mention of Lisa in the book, (and he doesn't use her name but one can infer that this refers to Lisa)

page 44 from Party Monster (previously Disco Bloodbath) দ্বারা link:

"... I enlisted the help of a link to counteract my sometimes unnerving flamboyance. She was my sidekick. link
I schooled her in the art of schmoozing.
I even went so far as to make up flash cards to help her remember who stood...
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Hey, everyone :)

I've seen many picks about Lisa Edelstein not only in this spot but others, that asked প্রশ্ন like this 'Do আপনি think she was prettier then অথবা now?'

For example this pick basically means the same

and this

Out of the অনুরাগী that picked, the majority chose NOW, in other words the older she gets the আরো beautiful!

Is that really the truth?

Here are some pictures of Lisa Edelstein over the years so আপনি can give your opinion...

Lisa E. in the বছর 2000
 LE in 2000
LE in 2000

Lisa E. in the বছর 2001
 LE in 2001
LE in 2001

Lisa E. in the বছর 2002
 LE in 2002
LE in 2002

Lisa E. in the বছর 2003(Pic needed)...
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We are focusing on SENDING THONGS AND BALLS TO শিয়াল AND NBC entertainment presidents with one of the suggested captions listed below. We will add আরো suggestions as they come in.

This campaign will take the two most জনপ্রিয় ideas on the fandom and combines them. It also leaves open the option of sending one অথবা the other if both are not feasible. In this way we will have a united front.

This is a joint effort দ্বারা many fandoms. Each House fandom is welcome and encouraged to have one of their members as an executive here...
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Brizzly: Hello! We're here with Lisa Edelstein, who আপনি might know better as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on Fox's hit প্রদর্শনী "House."
Brizzly: As a reminder to your fans, the "House" season 6 finale airs Monday at 8/7 c, but will run a couple of মিনিট long. So set your DVRs for an extra 5 মিনিট so আপনি don't miss a thing!
Brizzly: Lisa, take it away.

Weaping_Willows: will আপনি stay on twitter and see what your অনুরাগী say and pop in অথবা is this just a one time thing?
Lisa Edelstein: i'd say it was a one time thing... I find it all a bit embarrassing! :)
about 2 hours ago
LE: I get enough attention as it is.

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Hi, everyone.. since the PCA Night is coming and we are all but excited about seeing the goddess Lisa Edelstein on stage and giving her teary-eyed speech, I thought of sharing this SPECIAL প্রতিবেদন / প্রবন্ধ দ্বারা a nice #Huddy friend Paige Zinaman aka @LOS_ANGELES93 of twitter.. Her ব্যবহারকারী নাম here on FP is shsclassof2012..This was actually her special প্রতিবেদন project in school and since she chose Lisa Edelstein as the subject, I requested her to send it to me in my email.. Hope আপনি all liked it, too.. Here it is then -

Lisa Edelstein

My Role Model

January 3, 2011

Lisa Edelstein

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House' Calls on Lisa
From 'Queen' to dean, শিয়াল TV's Dr. Cuddy is cutting-edge complex
February 18, 2010 - Michael Elkin, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Where to go after you've been a conquest of George Costanza?

Smell the coffee? Smell the kasha! For Lisa Edelstein, everything has been looking up. Indeed, the "Risotto Girl" of "Seinfeld" has never felt আরো ... fulfilled.

"Definitely for now," says the satiated তারকা of Fox's "House," in which she plays not-so-cuddly Cuddy, dean of medicine at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

If life has taught her anything, however, finding fulfillment...
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posted by catherinw
Hello Lisa-lovers!!!
I hope many of আপনি are on twitter. If yes: thats great. If not: get an account.
BECAUSE: on Friday, March 12, we will get Lisa TT!!
Add #ilovelisa to your every tweet and will make our beauty proud!!
Get everybody together and lets ROCK!!

TREND #ilovelisae

I know all of আপনি প্রণয় her who are on this spot here so go and make it happen. With united forces, we will get her TT!
She deserves the attention because she is such a great actress and she is so beautiful!!
Well, as a few of আপনি may know but most of আপনি probably don't know, I am a pretty hardcore ballet dancer. I take classes for at least 3 hours 5 days a week, so I kind of know what I'm talking about when it comes to this type of dance.(I'm getting to a point, I promise!) So, I was searching for ছবি of Lisa and I found this one. link
I'm looking at it and of course everything gets translated into dance in my head, so I'm seeing that she's kind of in a fourth position lunge. Then I start looking at her position from a dancer's standpoint. I'm checking her turnout, her extensions, her upper body...
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posted by pietruszka
2000: Fresh meat on the red carpet with no idea what happens with black material in the light of fleshes.
And she keeps smiling :)

Ally McBeal... Cindy McCauliff
What Women Want... Dina
Grosse Ponite... Shawn Shapiro
The West Wing... Brittany "Laurie" Rollins
Grapevine... Leila

Transsexual and high-class prostitute in one year. আপনি go girl!

 Madonna's 'Music' Launch Party
Madonna's 'Music' Launch Party

2001: Guest actress and animal lover

Family Law... dr. Rachel Thompkins
Black River... Laura Crosby
Going to California... Dana

 Grand Opening of Skandinavia, owned দ্বারা Swedish born Suss Cousins
Grand Opening of Skandinavia, owned দ্বারা Swedish born Suss Cousins

2002: Lisa hits two TV Shows. With...
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posted by sheis1963
নমস্কার guys!

in case আপনি don't know we are trying to Trend #Cuddy5to9 on twitter :D


we need আরো contributers!!

SO! if আপনি have a Twitter account please tweet #Cuddy5to9. Just one time helps!!

Don't আপনি প্রণয় LisaE?! Of course আপনি DO!

This would mean so much to Lisa :' ) We need to প্রদর্শনী her she has the BEST অনুরাগী in the world (YOU!)


Let's make Lisa Edelstein happy :DD

Oh! we need at least 400 contributers :P this spot has 1104 fans! C'mon it's a piece of cake!!

here are some চলচ্ছবি made দ্বারা awesome LisaE fans:



if আপনি tweet I'll give আপনি a cookie xDDD
posted by CuddyHuddy
আপনি don’t know me,
But I know you.
That may seem a bit weird.
But better yet is,
What is to come.
So keep your gaze right here.
Your eyes are jewels,
Two precious stones.
Beautiful and unique.
Your smile is warm,
Cheery and bright.
It gives আপনি your mystique.
আপনি will never fail,
To be a star.
Always shock and astound.
Everything আপনি make,
Is wonderful.
Meaningful and profound.
আপনি are beautiful,
Meek and kind.
Through all that আপনি may do.
Lisa Edelstein,
Known round the world.
Thank you, for being you.

Lisa Edelstein is known for her role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on the hit শিয়াল TV প্রদর্শনী House. আপনি should be watching House because it is undeniably one of the best shows on television, but even if you’ve never seen House, I’d bet you’d recognize Lisa Edelstein. If you’ve watched any hit প্রদর্শনী in the last two decades, I can guarantee you’ve seen her acting. Before becoming known as Cuddy, she had mostly taken on small roles and guest spots in many of the most জনপ্রিয় shows on television. She played the “Rissoto Girl” on Seinfeld (one of the two girlfriends of George Costanza that...
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posted by huddy_aimee
OMG i was পাঠ করা a spoiler for House and then i clicked on another link (which was DS apologising to huddy অনুরাগী about the sex being fake and all) but then there is this মতামত from Lisa Edelstein...(flailing already) and it's quoted from the site (i've bolded some of the wording)

It was certainly meaningful to Lisa Edelstein, who didn't hallucinate making out with Hugh Laurie. "Even though it didn't happen for real, I got to shoot that scene -- and I might get to shoot another later on down the road," she ব্যক্ত with a laugh. Edelstein then delivered this message to Huddy fans: "Stay with me. Give Huddy time. Don't give up hope."


(the link is actually in two parts, just যোগদান it together)

I wonder if Hugh Laurie feels the same???
*bobs eyebrows*
posted by partypantscuddy
Hi everyone! I already পোষ্ট হয়েছে the link to this, but apparently some of আপনি didn't find any important information in it? So I'm here to inform আপনি all on the project.

First, আপনি can follow us on tumblr if আপনি have one. We'll be updating with the book's progress and such, along with posting some people's letters with their permission, so here's the link! link

Alright! So basically, we're putting together a book of letters to send Lisa for her birthday.
Type up your message on a Microsoft Word অথবা Open Office Document and যন্ত্রপত্র it to us here:
Post any pictures/graphics...
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posted by huddy_aimee
Okay, so i sent a reply back to 'Lisa' (lol) and nearly a week later, still no reply. To those who মতামত প্রদত্ত on my link, I think we caught the little imposter out.

If আপনি dont know, check 'Lisa's' myspace at this link.

And if আপনি don't know the messages are here.

Me: First off, remove the "official" from the name. I found a few mistakes on here. 1. All the info on "you" is copied and pasted. 2. She is vegetarian. She once ব্যক্ত in an interview that it would be too hard to be vegan because she loves cheese. 3. Lisa has a cat. 4. She does not drink alcohol. She may have in the past, but she doesn't...
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Okay, so, that's not a real প্রবন্ধ *facepalm* but I seriously wanted to let আপনি know that the Lisa Edelstein spot is the best spot EVER!!!!And that's why:

Here I 've met some of the most beautiful and nice people I've ever known!

link: she always uploads the best LE pics , the one where she goes to some important event, and she knows (or at least I think lol!) how much I প্রণয় to see them (so we can be jealous over Le awesomeness together lol)And I প্রণয় how much we flail on MSN when we talk about Lisa;

Then there's link! I প্রণয় how much she's obsessed with Cuddy (like PG)!! And I প্রণয় all her...
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posted by XhuddyobsessedX
Ok so i was on google. Like a normal American Teenager...I was searching "official lisa edelstein website." so while looking i come across a page that has her real address. well it sounded about right and i dont even know if it was her real address. but anyway doesnt it seem i dunno a little stalkish that someone knows her address?? is it just me? i mean posting the address of a beatiful actress on the web??? if i had the address truthyfully i would keep it to myself. that way i would be the only stalker she :).... i wonder if she has a lot of stalkers....*trails off* anyway leeme know what আপনি think....